Corinth on Footsteps of Paul Christian cruises
Corinth Ruins, following along the Footsteps of Paul.

Corinth is famous for being the early church to which Paul wrote the letters of First and Second Corinthians, containing some of the most well-known passages in the entire Bible. Along with the letters Paul wrote to the church there, he also visited and helped to establish a community of believers in the city. The population was likely 750,000 or more in Paul’s time and the city was absolutely central to trade and commerce. The size, historical significance, and Biblical importance of the city make it a crucial stop on any footsteps of Paul Greece tour. The city was important in ancient times and the lessons and instructions Paul wrote to the young church are particularly relevant now, when the world is returning to an idolatry of immoral lifestyles.

  • The Bema Where Paul Stood Trial

Our Corinth Bible tours on our “Footsteps of Paul” Christian cruises spend quality study time on the period after Paul had spent 18 months in the city of Corinth. At that time, the Jews were able to convince the then pro-consul, Gallio, to charge him with various crimes that they deemed to be criminal.  The place of the important Bema exists today and we will have an opportunity to meet and study at the site together. This site is a platform where Paul was made to stand and where the charges were brought against him.  Praise God that Gallio saw through the charges and found that it was a dispute the Jews had of Jewish law and were not of a criminal nature. The ruler of the synagogue at that time was Sosthenes who was later beaten.  Sosthenes in 1 Corinthians 1:1 is also called Paul’s friend.  We will also clearly see the entrance to this same synagogue during our Corinth Bible tour.

  • Acrocorinth: The Ancient Fortress and Temple of the Corinthians

High above the city of Corinth, there is a steep rock that overlooks the town. Rising 1800 feet above the plains, Acrocorinth was once the seat of the Temple of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, whose worship contributed to the sexual immorality that Corinth was infamously known for.

  • Erastus, the Chamberlain of the City

Paul had many friends in Corinth and one of the friends is named in Roman 16:23 was “Erastus the chamberlain of the city”. What is interesting about Erastus is that his existence seems to be confirmed by an inscription found east of the theater in Corinth. The inscription reads, ‘Erastus for his aedileship paved (this) at his own expense.’ Erastus seems to have been a man of wealth and position and was a friend of Paul’s, who contributed to the improvement and infrastructure of the city.

  • The Synagogue of Corinth

The synagogue of Corinth was a hub of public debate when Paul came to the city. Acts 18:4 says “Every Sabbath he would argue in the Synagogue and would try to convince the Jews and Greeks”. It was because of Paul’s relentless preaching that the Corinthian Jews hatched their plot to put Paul on trial before the Roman Pro-consul Gallio.

  • The Port of Cenchreae

Like several other Biblical figures, the apostle Paul dedicated himself to the Lord with a Nazarite Vow. According to the book of Numbers, those who took a Nazarite Vow were not to:

  1. Partake in any fermented drink or consume grapes in any form.
  2. Cut their hair for the duration of the vow.
  3. Go near a dead body

When Paul stopped at the port of Cenchreae it was, according to the book of Acts, to have his head shaved in keeping with his vow. Biblical historians are unsure of whether Paul was beginning or concluding his vow in Cenchreae, but we know from archaeology that Cenchreae was a port city just outside of Corinth. The submerged remains of the Cenchreae Synagogue can still be seen from the shores.

Corinth is frequently chosen as a teaching destination by leaders on a footsteps of Paul Greece tour. The many points of Biblical and historical interest the city has to offer make it an ideal spot for teaching and instruction.

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