Who is Erastus? Frank Turek on Site in Corinth

Who is Erastus? There is a debate among Bible scholars today as to the identity of this Bible character, and Frank Turek explores this on site in Corinth.

Our Christian Cruises visit Corinth, Greece and above is a fun excerpt from a video by Frank Turek, Apologetics Teacher with CrossExamined.org

Frank’s wit is fun as he discusses the authenticity of the Bible from Romans 16:23: “Gaius mine host, and of the whole church, saluteth you. Erastus the chamberlain of the city saluteth you, and Quartus a brother.”

Who is Erastus? The ancient inscription shown in this video was discovered in the 1920’s, east of the theater in Corinth. The inscription reads,”Erastus for his aedileship paved (this) at his own expense.” We know Erastus was a man of high position because in Romans 16:23 it says that he is the “chamberlain,” and some translations use the term “treasurer.” And, Erastus seems to be a friend of Paul’s.

There is a debate among Bible scholars today as to whether or not Paul’s friend Erastus mentioned in Romans 16:23 is the same man mentioned in Acts and 2 Timothy.

Romans 16.23: “Gaius, my host and the host of the whole church, greets you. Erastus, the treasurer [oikonomos] of the city, greets you, and Quartus, a brother.”
“Acts 19.22: Paul sent “into Macedonia two of those who ministered to him, Timothy and Erastus, but he himself stayed in Asia for a time.”
2 Timothy 4.19-21: “Greet Prisca and Aquila, and the household of Onesiphorus. Erastus stayed in Corinth, but Trophimus I have left in Miletus sick.”

Bible scholars continure to study this briefly mentioned man, Erastus, because he may hold the key to uncovering historical information about social statuses in ancient Corinth and surrounding areas.

We visit the Biblical city of Corinth, Greece on most of our Footsteps of Paul tours. To be a part a luxury Bible cruise and lively, on-site teachings like you see here, call 888-771-8717. This is an excellent way to develop a knowledge of the Bible with great fun and fellowship! Get an idea of what Corinth, Greece is like by watching this video below. Enjoy!

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