Adventure and Ancient History: Dr. Robert Cornuke

Biblical Explorer Bob Cornuke

Dr. Robert Cornuke’s Book, “Temple,” is a must read for anyone interested in Biblical archaeology or the prophecy surrounding the rebuilding of the Temple. Popular belief is that Solomon’s Temple was originally built where the Dome of the Rock now stands, but Dr. Cornuke has found evidence that proves otherwise. Using scriptural references found in…

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Shipwreck and 4 Anchors | Footsteps of Paul

ShipwreckAnd4Anchors FootstepsOfPaul

Shipwreck! Apostle Paul Survives Exciting archaeological discoveries from Israel and across the ancient Roman Empire are continuing to confirm stories from the Bible. One such event is a shipwreck that left the Apostle Paul stranded on an arid and barren piece of land in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. This story of shipwreck is dramatic. Over…

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