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Adventure and Ancient History: A Biography of Bob Cornuke

Biblical Explorer Bob Cornuke

In January of 2018, Living Passages is heading to Ethiopia, led by the one and only Bob Cornuke. The journey will take travelers all over the mysterious African country and focus on some of most remarkable Christian history in the world. Following the track of the Ark of the Covenant, Bob Cornuke will be sharing…

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Who is Erastus? Frank Turek on Site in Corinth

Who is Erastus? There is a debate among Bible scholars today as to the identity of this Bible character, and Frank Turek explores this on site in Corinth. Our Christian Cruises visit Corinth, Greece and above is a fun excerpt from a video by Frank Turek, Apologetics Teacher with Frank’s wit is fun as…

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Eli Shukron, Bob Cornuke & Chuck Missler Discuss New Discoveries in Israel

Our Living Passages Tour Group Gets Private Tours of the Newest Discoveries in Israel! Today, our June Living Passages group will experience first hand some the most significant Biblical discoveries in recent history. Eli Shukron, famous archaeologist and Bob Cornuke, founder of the Bible Archaeology Search and Exploration (B.A.S.E.) Institute and author of new Book…

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