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Dr. Yohannes Zeleke

Research Associate, Natural History Museum of the Smithsonian
Research Professor, George Washington University

Dr. Zeleke is the first Ethiopian and African who participated in the expeditions of authenticating Jabal al-Lawz or Mount Jabal Almusa (the true Mount Sinai). Dr. Zeleke has been a great help over the past two decades in ascertaining Hebraic documentation in Ethiopia and in the archives of various museums with our expeditions to Ethiopia.

In 2012, Living Passages sponsored an extensive expedition throughout Ethiopia, from the lowest elevation of the earth, the Dalol depression, to its rift valley (of importance today prophetically). The expedition also included very remote Abrahamic Holy teaching sites that are still used today. In North Ethiopia, several places were visited where we were able to document and measure sites where the Tabernacle (or a replica of the Tabernacle) was kept over the centuries (from the time of Solomon). During the visit to the Axum (Aksumite Kingdom), the archeological sites were opened to us through Yohannes' deep contacts. We visited the important places where many of the artifacts are kept, even to the present day, by a custodian at St. Mary's of Zion that is continuously bathed in prayer.

In 2023, due to the nature of the Thamudic, Proto-Canaanite, and Proto-Sinaitic inscriptions, we invited Dr. Yohannes to join a biblical expedition in Saudi Arabia to Mount Sinai and to study the complex history of the Exodus. The inscription documentation has an important trail that includes the Land of Sheba and Ethiopia, and he believes that with the help of the Almighty God, one day Ethiopia will allow the common heritage of the Abrahamic God artifacts, and the route towards Ethiopia will be the greatest center of pilgrimage from Africa to Mount Sinai in Arabia.

Dr. Yohannes Zeleke is a Research Associate at the Natural History Museum of the Smithsonian and a research professor at George Washington University. He also has a wealth of background in the important languages on these routes and the treasures that have been kept hidden in both Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia.

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