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Footsteps of Paul

The Bible is True and Christians Can Prove It

Apologist Frank Turek speaking on-site in Israel

Christians can learn from apologist Frank Turek how to prove the Bible is true and accurate while traveling the world and gathering experiential evidence! Apologist Frank Turek doesn’t shy away from difficult questions. As a Christian speaker, Frank spends a lot of time traveling to college campuses across the country answering questions from young people who…

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How the Apostle Paul Stopped in Cenchrea for a Haircut

the ruins of the harbor of Cenchrea

Following the journey of the Apostle Paul through the New Testament we see that Paul is known to have visited some of the biggest cities in the Roman Empire during his travels but one of the lesser-known places he stopped was the port of Cenchrea. Scripture tells us that this was the home of Paul’s…

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The Troubled Church of the Corinthians in Corinth

Ancient Corinth

Discover why the Corinthian church was so troubled, and explore the Biblical location of Corinth in much greater detail on our Footsteps of Paul tours. In Paul’s time, Corinth was an important city in ancient Greece and it played a major role in his missionary work. Corinth was partially destroyed by the Romans in 146 BC, but…

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The library at Pergamum

Trajan temple in Pergamum Turkey

Our 2015 and 2016 Footsteps of Paul tours will visit the remains of an important Library during our visit to one of the Seven Churches of Revelation – Pergamum. At one time the museum held 200,000 papyrus scrolls. It competed with Alexandria, Egypt for the greatest of museums. As a matter of fact, it was…

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Ephesus Christian Tours | Following in the Footsteps of Paul the Apostle

Ephesus Ruins in Turkey

Study the Fascinating Biblical History of Ephesus in Person! During our Bible study tours of the Seven Churches of Revelation, Ephesus is the most visual application for us to study and the church at Ephesus is addressed clearly in the Bible.  It is where John, one of the original Apostles, died and also where Jesus’…

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Who is Erastus? Frank Turek on Site in Corinth

Who is Erastus? There is a debate among Bible scholars today as to the identity of this Bible character, and Frank Turek explores this on site in Corinth. Our Christian Cruises visit Corinth, Greece and above is a fun excerpt from a video by Frank Turek, Apologetics Teacher with Frank’s wit is fun as…

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