The library at Pergamum

Trajan temple in Pergamum Turkey

Some Footsteps of Paul tours will visit the remains of an important Library during our visit to one of the Seven Churches of Revelation – Pergamum. At one time the museum held 200,000 papyrus scrolls. It competed with Alexandria, Egypt for the greatest of museums. As a matter of fact, it was Mark Antony who…

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Ephesus Christian Tours | Following in the Footsteps of Paul the Apostle

Ephesus Ruins in Turkey

Study the Fascinating Biblical History of Ephesus in Person! During our Bible study tours of the Seven Churches of Revelation, Ephesus is the most visual application for us to study and the church at Ephesus is addressed clearly in the Bible.  It is where John, one of the original Apostles, died and also where Jesus’…

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Nicea: Explore Ancient Church Remains

Nicea Gate on Christian Cruises

Nicea (Nicaea) is a Unique Highlight on Christian Tours. Our Footsteps of Paul tour may have an interesting extension to Cappadocia.  We may have the opportunity to visit Nicea (also called Nicaea), home of the First Council of Churches started in 325AD.  Situated that the east end of Lake Ascanius, this lake town is surrounded by hills and an ancient…

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Mountainous beaches of Andriake, on Mediterranean Christian cruise

Antalya on Christian Cruises Turkey

The Best of Turkey on Mediterranean Christian Cruise Our Christian cruise stop at the lovely port of Antalya in Turkey allows us to visit more of the seaside areas where Paul reached Asia Minor and the important gateways to the Seven Churches of Revelation.  Our tour from Antalya also allows us to see Andriake, where…

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Ephesus Bible Tour | Following the Footsteps of Paul

Visit Ephesus in Greece from a Biblical perspective! Visit the destination of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians and one of the Seven Churches of Revelation! The Ephesus tour is a favorite on our “Footsteps of Paul” Cruise  and will include in depth teachings on the state of the city of Ephesus during the time of Paul. In…

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The Seven Churches of Revelation Christian Tour

(On Site in Laodicea, one of the 7 churches of Revelation) Our Christian tours featuring the Seven Churches of Revelation is part of our Footsteps of Paul Cruise and will highlight the best archaeological sites of the Seven Churches of Revelation that exist in Turkey or Asia Minor today. “The cruise and tour will visit…

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