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Europe Reformation

The problem of evil with Dr. Lutzer

Dr Lutzer in Germany

Below is a video from a previous Reformation Tour to Europe with Dr. Erwin Lutzer of Moody Bible Church. Here, Dr. Lutzer talks about what our response as Christians should be to why God allows evil in the world. Video Transcript: Rhonda: (I’m) with Dr. Erwin Lutzer in Prague and Dr. Lutzer gave a fantastic…

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Dr. Erwin Lutzer’s Reformation Tour Travels to the Grave of John Wesley

Dr. Lutzer in Europe at the grave of John Wesley

Traveling through Britain and Scotland on a Christian tour, Dr. Erwin Lutzer’s reformation journey explored the lives of the Reformation leaders. Here, Dr. Lutzer talks about the history of John Wesley and Pilgrim’s Progress author John Bunyan. We visited the chapel of the great evangelist John Wesley & his nearby grave. Mr. Wesley was not…

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Dr. Erwin Lutzer’s Sermon on John Knox and Mary, Queen of Scots

“…Sometimes God uses imperfect saints…John Knox was not a loving man but look at how mightily God used him. God sometimes uses the strangest people and sometimes he puts his hand on the wrong man and decides to use him.” – Dr. Erwin Lutzer John Knox was not a peaceful Reformer. Throughout his years he…

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Is Reformation History still Significant today?

Dr. Erwin Lutzer's new book: Rescuing the Gospel

Someone has said that for many Christians, church history began with the first Billy Graham crusade. They think that as long as we derive our beliefs from the Bible, we can ignore the two-thousand-year history of God’s people. Church history, they reason, is really only of benefit to scholars and historians. What possible relevance could…

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Video: Is God the Ultimate Ruler? – Dr. Erwin Lutzer

dr. erwin lutzer germany reformation tour

Where does authority belong? How do we reconcile God’s ultimate rule with the question of evil? According to Dr. Erwin Lutzer, God allows authority to be given over, not only to governments and leaders but even to dictators and tyrants. But God holds all men to account for how they live and scripture tells us…

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Video: Mike Gendron Speaks at the Wittenberg Door

Wittenberg Cathedral where Mike Gendron talks about the work of Martin Luther

Martin Luther is such a central figure in the Reformation but throughout his work he remained humble. Rather than taking the credit for himself, Martin Luther gave all the glory to God. Standing in front of the Wittenberg Door where Luther himself nailed the famous 95 Theses, Mike Gendron explains how Luther sought the true…

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Video: Dr. Steve Lawson Preaching in the Erfurt Cathedral

The Cathedral at Erfurt, Germany

Our groups in Europe have been seeing everything! The Reformation was such a remarkable time and history and so many of the great theologians spoke out in favor of what they believed. One of the most important was of course, Martin Luther, and in this video Dr. Steve Lawson preaches at the famous Erfurt Cathedral…

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The True Repentance of a Reformation Martyr

Reformation Father Thomas Cranmer

When is it too late to repent? That was the question that faced the dishonored and imprisoned, former Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer. The Reformation movement had shaken all of Europe throughout the 1500’s, and nowhere could its effects be seen more clearly than in England. Through the work of men like William Tyndale, new…

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Over 500 Years Since Martin Luther’s 95 Theses Ignited Reformation

Reformation Day

Almost 500 years ago in 1517, Martin Luther’s 95 Theses was written. It attacked the Catholic Church’s corrupt practice of selling “indulgences,” or what we might call “selling salvation passes for money.” Martin Luther was a Pastor who, among numerous other 16th century Priests and Pastors, began to criticize the Catholic Church that they served. Luther believed in…

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5 Top Reasons Switzerland is a Hot Reformation Teaching Site

Zurich on Reformation tour

Switzerland and the Reformation  The Swiss Reformation began in 1519 with the sermons of Ulrich Zwingli, whose teachings largely paralleled Luther’s. Geneva, Switzerland soon became a hotbed for Protestant exiles. In 1541 John Calvin, who had spent the previous decade in exile writing his Institutes of the Christian Religion, was invited to settle in Geneva…

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