Video: Is God the Ultimate Ruler? – Dr. Erwin Lutzer

Where does authority belong? How do we reconcile God’s ultimate rule with the question of evil? According to Dr. Erwin Lutzer, God allows authority to be given over, not only to governments and leaders but even to dictators and tyrants. But God holds all men to account for how they live and scripture tells us his law is written on all our hearts. Although evil men may attempt to excuse their behavior by saying Providence allowed it, we know that they will face judgement for how they abuse their power.

Should we be afraid, knowing that God allows dictators and tyrants to exist in the world? As Believers we are given the incredible gift of faith, which enables us to trust in God no matter what the circumstances. Though God allows evil in our temporary and material world, his justice and mercy are eternal blessings for all those who trust in Christ Jesus.

Preaching in Vienna, Dr. Erwin Lutzer shares his wisdom on the subject of God’s authority. During his recent Reformation trip with Living Passages, Dr. Lutzer spoke frequently on the topic of evil and how it relates to our faith. As Christians, we should not be afraid to face the question of evil in our world because no matter what happens, we can be confident in the truth that God rules and no power can ever separate us from his love.

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