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The problem of evil with Dr. Lutzer

Dr Lutzer in Germany

Below is a video from a previous Reformation Tour to Europe with Dr. Erwin Lutzer of Moody Bible Church. Here, Dr. Lutzer talks about what our response as Christians should be to why God allows evil in the world. Video Transcript: Rhonda: (I’m) with Dr. Erwin Lutzer in Prague and Dr. Lutzer gave a fantastic…

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Video: Is God the Ultimate Ruler? – Dr. Erwin Lutzer

dr. erwin lutzer germany reformation tour

Where does authority belong? How do we reconcile God’s ultimate rule with the question of evil? According to Dr. Erwin Lutzer, God allows authority to be given over, not only to governments and leaders but even to dictators and tyrants. But God holds all men to account for how they live and scripture tells us…

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Ancient Papyrus Bible Manuscripts Displayed in Berlin

It’s one thing to read the Bible or Torah, but it’s a completely different experience altogether to have an up close and personal look at the original Hebrew and Egyptian manuscripts that we’ve become so familiar with. Embark on a Christian Reformation Bible study tour and see these original texts. Berlin’s Museum Island Hosts Thousands…

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