Ancient Papyrus Bible Manuscripts Displayed in Berlin

It’s one thing to read the Bible or Torah, but it’s a completely different experience altogether to have an up close and personal look at the original Hebrew and Egyptian manuscripts that we’ve become so familiar with. Embark on a Christian Reformation Bible study tour and see these original texts.

Berlin’s Museum Island Hosts Thousands of Unique Artifacts Including Ancient Papyrus Containing Biblical Manuscripts

The Berlin Papyrus Collection is a sight to see. Dubbed the oldest and largest in Germany and one of the largest document collections in the world, this collection is the product of donations and excavations from various Egyptian locations. The collection not only showcases Egyptian work, but also Latin, Persian, Arabic, Syrian and Ethiopian texts. These literary works and spiritual texts provide great insight into Egyptian life.

The Egyptian museum is one of many stopping points along the way through Museum Island in Berlin. The collection is situated next to the Pergamon museum, one of the most popular attractions in the city. Known best for its large array of archaeological findings, it is a prime location on our tours. The Egyptian museum is located in the Neues Museum, which also houses the Museum of pre- and early-history, as well as, selected objects from the antiquities museum. Travelers will have the opportunity to visit these museums, among many others located in Berlin, on one of our upcoming Christian Reformation tours.

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