Dr. Erwin Lutzer’s Reformation Tour Travels to the Grave of John Wesley

Traveling through Britain and Scotland on a Christian tour, Dr. Erwin Lutzer’s reformation journey explored the lives of the Reformation leaders. Here, Dr. Lutzer talks about the history of John Wesley and Pilgrim’s Progress author John Bunyan.

We visited the chapel of the great evangelist John Wesley & his nearby grave. Mr. Wesley was not allowed to be buried in a consecrated graveyard owned by the Anglican church. After all, he was a rebel, preaching outdoors rather than just in churches, & refusing to obey the details of the Anglican liturgy. He and his followers were called non-conformists as they simply would not conform to the ridged Anglican expectations. But consecrated or not, it’s frequently said that his dust consecrates the soil in which it lies.

Just across the street is John Bunyan’s tomb, with an engraving of the scene in the Pilgrim’s Progress where Christian carries a heavy burden of sin that is cast into an empty grave. Bunyan too was buried in an unconsecrated grave for refusing to bow to the heavy hand of 18th century Anglicanism. But both Wesley and Bunyan have been safe in the presence of the Lord for hundreds of years. We all know that it does not matter where our bodies are buried, only where our souls reside. “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.” Amen indeed.

– Dr. Erwin Lutzer

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