New Release! Dr. Erwin Lutzer’s “Rescuing the Gospel” Reformation Book

“Rescuing the Gospel” Featured on Upcoming Reformation Tour

Renowned pastor of The Moody Church and Reformation tour leader, Dr. Erwin Lutzer, released his new book titled “Rescuing the Gospel” in May 2016. It highlights the journey that led 16th century Europe to the rise of the Reformation. Through the towns and cathedrals of Wittenberg, Worms, Rome, Geneva and Zurich, Lutzer explains the lasting influence the Reformation had on the Catholic Church and Western civilization. In a truly inspiring story of courage and faith, “Rescuing the Gospel” traces the history-altering events that fueled the Reformation. Starting with the Catholic Church’s desperate need to reform, Lutzer proceeds to touch on heroic events like John Hue’s execution at the Council of Constance, John Calvin’s leadership in Geneva, and Martin Luther nailing his 95 Theses to the Castle Church in 1517.

Robert Jeffress, senior pastor of First Baptist Church Dallas, states “Capturing the pageantry and danger following Martin Luther’s bold stand in Wittenberg, Lutzer has penned what may be his most important book–a book that looks back on the glories of the original Reformation and looks forward to the hope of a new reformation.”

“Rescuing the Gospel” paints a beautiful picture of how a group of passionate believers paved the way for modern day Protestants in Europe. With the Reformation’s 500th anniversary in 2017, Dr. Erwin Lutzer reminds us why the Reformation movement is still significant today.

Visit Baker Publishing Group to order your copy of “Rescuing the Gospel” and be inspired by the powerful movement of the Reformation. You can bring “Rescuing the Gospel” to life for your congregation on a Reformation tour with Living Passages. By walking where Luther lived, taught, wrote, and preached, you’ll enhance your understanding of his world, his struggles and his teachings.

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