Luther’s Scruples Exhaust Staupitz

Patient and Persistent Mentor Tucked away in the pages of Reformation history lies the figure of Johann von Staupitz. His is certainly not the first name that comes to mind when considering the Reformation heroes. He served as Martin Luther’s superior within the Augustinian Order and importantly also as his father confessor during the first…

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Martin Luther in Erfurt

Erfurt, Protestant Monastery of St Augustine

Erfurt, Germany was Martin Luther’s spiritual home. A student at Erfurt’s famous university between 1501 and 1505, Luther first studied the Seven Liberal Arts, then theology and, at his father’s wish, jurisprudence.

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Walk Wittenberg’s Cobblestone Streets

Wittenberg: Walk where Martin Luther walked While on a Reformation Tour you will be immersed in the historical context of the Reformation by exploring the lives and teachings of the Reformers, and the resulting effects of the Reformed Theology they preached. In our itinerary we visit the town of Wittenberg, Germany, home to Martin Luther,…

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Reformation Day: A day worth celebrating!

Reformation Day

Happy Reformation Day! When the world is celebrating haunts, ghouls and the evil that surrounds us, we as Christians can cling to a history rich in bold leaders contending for the faith.  Today is one such instance, a day to celebrate, a day to remember, Reformation Day!  Over 500 years ago in 1517, Martin Luther’s 95…

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How does John Calvin Fit into the Reformation?

John Calvin on Refomation tour

John Calvin’s Rise and Impact Nineteen years after Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the door of a Catholic church in Germany, John Calvin was asked to become a leader of the Protestant movement in Geneva, Switzerland. Dr. Erwin Lutzer writes in his book, Rescuing the Gospel, “Calvin had gone to Geneva to escape…

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