Martin Luther in Erfurt

Home to Luther during his turbulent, formative years

Erfurt, Germany was Martin Luther’s spiritual home. A student at Erfurt’s famous university between 1501 and 1505, Luther first studied the Seven Liberal Arts, then theology and, at his father’s wish, jurisprudence.

Legend has it that Luther got caught in a terrible thunderstorm in one of Stotternheim’s fields. Afraid for his life, Luther cried into the wind “St. Anna, help me! I will become a monk.” True to his word, Luther marched right to the Augustinian Monastery once the storm had passed and became a monk. Today, Stotternheim’s Luther Stone marks the spot of this historical event, without which Luther may never have become the reformer who changed the world.

Protestant Monastery of St Augustine

Erfurt, Protestant Monastery of St Augustine
Erfurt, Protestant Monastery of St Augustine

The Augustinerkloster, known as the Protestant Monastery of St Augustine,  is a unique monument to medieval religious architecture. It is not only an internationally recognized conference and meeting center, but also as an important station in the life of Martin Luther. In August 2004 the monastery was certified as a “national heritage site of special cultural interest”.

The church and monastery of the Augustinian hermits was built around 1300. Luther was admitted to the monastery on 17 July 1505, where he lived as an Augustinian monk until autumn 1511. The Augustinian Monastery pays tribute to Luther with an exhibition whose theme is “Bible-Monastery-Luther”.  There is a standing exhibition  in the monastery which is well worth seeing. There is also a unique library of historical books.  

Tour Day to Erfurt

A visit to Erfurt and the Augustinian Monastery is a highlight in our European Reformation Tours. Our small private group will journey to the town where Luther became a monk. We will see his monastic quarters. And, enjoy a medieval themed lunch similar to what Luther himself might have eaten. Visit Preacher’s Church, a Gothic-styled church that once housed Erfurt’s largest and most expensive organ, and where Johann Pachelbel served as the church organist for over twenty years.

Reformation Tours Details

Join us as we journey through the breath-taking landscape of Germany and Switzerland to uncover the fascinating history of Martin Luther and the reformation movement. Our Christian reformation tours are composed of significant sites and locations coupled with expert teaching. These tours are often led by notable teachers such as award-winning author, Dr. Erwin Lutzer of the Moody Church.

Immerse yourself in the rich history of Martin Luther and the reformers as you visit the sites where Luther carried out his daily worship and conducted his teachings. Walking the same path’s as Luther once did will heighten your understanding of the reformation movement. As well as, the struggles he faced during the process. Travel in awe as you stop by the historical sites of Castle Church, Charlottenburg Place, Luther House, Zeppelinfeld, Bern, the political capital of Switzerland, Augustinian Monastery, Reformer Wall, Lake Geneva, and many more.

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