Dr. Erwin Lutzer’s Sermon on John Knox and Mary, Queen of Scots

“…Sometimes God uses imperfect saints…John Knox was not a loving man but look at how mightily God used him. God sometimes uses the strangest people and sometimes he puts his hand on the wrong man and decides to use him.”

– Dr. Erwin Lutzer

John Knox was not a peaceful Reformer. Throughout his years he took an active role in the Protestant battle for freedom against the Catholic church in Scotland and his aggressive preaching made him one of the most controversial Protestants of his day. In an incredible sermon, Dr. Erwin Lutzer, goes into great detail about the history of the religious struggle that gripped Scotland in the 1500’s and the moral battle that took place between John Knox and Mary, Queen of Scots. Addressing not only the history, but the deep theological divisions and the modern impacts of the conflict, Dr. Lutzer teaches us about how the Scottish Reformation was an epic war for truth.

Dr. Lutzer is one of the foremost Reformation experts in the world and leads our Reformation tours through Europe to follow the paths of the Great Reformers. On these tours, Dr. Lutzer will dive into the history of men like John Knox, and share the importance of the Reformation work in the very places where it was accomplished.

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