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Christian Travel for the Intrepid Berean


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Travel Tips

8 Reasons to Try Christian Group Travel Tours

A past groups on one of our group travel tours

As you are looking at your next vacation, you have two options: You can do it all yourself. Or you could sign up for one of many group travel tours with a travel company. While the DIY travel approach has some advantages, there are far more upsides to group travel than you might realize. Here…

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8 tips to help you pack like a pro

Man traveling with packed bag

Packing is an essential part of travel, and surprisingly, how you pack can have a lot of influence on how much you enjoy your trip. Have you ever traveled with the person who is bogged down with three different bags packed to the brim? It certainly doesn’t make crossing the globe any easier. How about…

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Choose the Right Room on Your Christian Cruise

Christian Couple Luxury Christian Cruise

You’ve Decided to Take the Plunge And, book that luxury Christian cruise you’ve always wanted to go on. Now it’s time to make another choice…what type of room should you pick? The answer depends on what you value most when vacationing. Here’s a guide to help you make the most out of your cruise. Inner…

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Cruise Ships for Your Next Church Retreat or Conference

Consider Dockside Charter Ships For Next Church Retreat Are you planning a Bible conference or an overseas Bible study tour with your church? If so, why not bring in a cruise ship to offer a unique platform for additional accommodations. Cruise ships large and small are available as dockside hotels and conference centers. Dockside charters…

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How chartering a cruise ship can benefit your congregation

There are many advantages of chartering a cruise ship (whether it’s a full charter or partial charter) for large churches, small groups or companies, the options are endless. Host your next marriage conference while cruising the Rhine River, take to the seas in a stunning sail ship while retracing the steps of Paul, host your…

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7 reasons to lead your Christian tour through Living Passages

Teach on Christian Tour or Cruise

1.  It’s free! Plus, you can get paid to teach on Christian travel tours – Teaching Pastors who lead our tours go free! On average, for every 7 paying passengers you earn one free trip. There is often an opportunity for a pastor’s wife to travel for free and/or you can receive a stipend based on the size…

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Top 10 Ultimate Bible Tour Destinations

Top 10 Bible Teaching Destinations

Christian travel experts at Living Passages have chosen the top 10 ultimate Bible tour destinations around the world. Check out the Bible locations that made the list; most of them are stops on our upcoming Christian tours! Laodicea: This is one of the most well-preserved cities mentioned in Revelation. Massive ancient theaters and temples have…

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The Insider’s Scoop on Church Group Travel: Chartering Private Ships

Mediterranean Luxury Cruise Ship for church group travel

Unique Church Group Travel Experiences Did you know your group can sail through the Mediterranean or Caribbean on a luxury, private ship to the destinations of your choosing? Many churches and families don’t realize that with a group over 14 people, it is possible to charter an ENTIRE sailing vessel complete with experienced staff and…

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