7 reasons to lead your Christian tour through Living Passages

1.  It’s free! Plus, you can get paid to teach on Christian travel tours – Teaching Pastors who lead our tours go free! On average, for every 7 paying passengers you earn one free trip. There is often an opportunity for a pastor’s wife to travel for free and/or you can receive a stipend based on the size of your group.

2. We handle all the paperwork – We print up beautiful color brochures, handle all the registrations and reservations, work directly with the passengers to coordinate all the details and answer all the questions and more (see below).

3. Customizable Itinerary – If there is somewhere or something that you have always wanted to see, let us know and we can add it to your itinerary. We offer a wide range of sites and destinations that are considered unique and may not be included on mainstream Bible tours.

4. Opportunity to vision cast – Christian travel tours provide a great opportunity to share with your church members your vision and plans for the future.  Have an idea to start something new? This is the time to reach out to some of the church’s top supporters.  We have had countless trips like these open doors and funding for new ministries.

5. Opportunity to build relationships – Not only can you cast your vision to your members but these trips allow you to meet and build friendships that a once a week Sunday hello hasn’t been able to foster.  What a great time to hear from your church family on how the work you are doing has blessed their lives and hear ideas and stories that they have wanted to share.

6.  Members of your congregation feel special – They’re not just another transaction among thousands. If your group is large enough (50+), we even use a private vessel.

7.  We care about your family time – If your wife or family member is traveling with you, we make a special effort to ensure you are able to be with your wife by strategically structuring your teachings.

With over 20 years of experience in the travel industry, we have learned how to expertly care for the details:
•We handle all the registrations.
•We book the air, ground tours and transportation and hotels.
•We answer all your group’s questions.
•We set the cruise itinerary, sites and tour guides.
•We send you fliers for your bulletins for every member of your congregation.
•We send brochures and registrations for those interested.
•We send out periodic emails with travel updates and suggestions.
•We deal with the safety issues when they come up.
•We will send a representative with your group to organize and manage the details on your Christian travel tours.

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