Cruise Ships for Your Next Church Retreat or Conference

Consider Dockside Charter Ships For Next Church Retreat

Are you planning a Bible conference or an overseas Bible study tour with your church? If so, why not bring in a cruise ship to offer a unique platform for additional accommodations. Cruise ships large and small are available as dockside hotels and conference centers.

Dockside charters have become vital and popular options for booking large-scale conferences and global events in regions where demand for accommodations outstrips what is available in the surrounding area.

Whether your church is having a conference to focus on teaching strategies, evangelism, working on fund development in areas for missionary/ministry work, or enjoying a church retreat, etc., dockside charters serve as a smart alternative to your typical room & board situation.

In addition to just providing accommodations, dockside charters also offer additional conference space and meeting rooms that can be made available to private, smaller events that may take place in conjunction to the main event.

Please feel free to contact Rhonda Sand at [email protected] about your next event or if you are interested in the additional accommodations and meeting space you’ll gain through the creative use of cruise ships. Rhonda and her team have over 20 years of charter experience. Whether you’re looking for a small ship charter or you need to bring in several large ships, Rhonda can make it happen seamlessly for you and your event.

Consider booking a dockside charter ship for your next church retreat or conference with one of Living Passages’ upcoming Potential Group Tours. Or, call today for a customized ship charter and itinerary.

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