Christian Cruise with Craig A. Evans

Dead Sea ScrollsThere is something powerful about seeing Scripture in its original form – catching a glimpse of the handwriting of John or the script of Mark.

Many are now scraps of yellowed paper, preserved between pieces of glass, worn at the edges. But pieced together, these fragments show an amazing picture: The origins of Scripture.

Across Europe, there are pieces of scriptures that date back to AD 125. Biblical scholar and author Craig A. Evans has filmed “Fragments of Truth,” a documentary that visits these sites and delves into their relevance. He pairs this film with a second documentary, “Jesus + Archaeology,” which looks further into the physical record Jesus left behind.

Travel to Rome and Israel

Living Passages’ travelers make stops in Rome, Malta, Pompeii, a similar site called Herculaneum, and the walled island of Rhodes, before arriving to Israel. Each site provides another piece that validates Biblical record.

Craig A Evans

But why look back? We have faith the words of the Bible are true and Jesus walked this earth. We do not need the evidence to prove it. But how much more will God’s words mean when you see the papers that gave them to us and walk the paths of Biblical figures? What could God do in your heart as you dig deeper into the story that not only changed history, but has changed each of our lives individually?

Craig A. Evans is a scholar, author and speaker who has studied the Gospels, Dead Sea scrolls and other archaeology of the New Testament. He is a Distinguished Professor of Christian Origins at Houston Baptist University in Texas. He will be on the cruise to expand on his documentaries and give further meaning to the sites and artifacts you visit.

This Christian cruise, when you will walk among the sites of the Holy Land and visit the Dead Sea scrolls, will help the events of the Bible come alive in ways you may have never experienced. All of this is available against Mediterranean backdrops from the deck of a cruise ship and amid cities with beauty as rich as their history. Come with us in September 2019 and see Scripture in a whole new way.

For more information about this Christian cruise to Israel and other Mediterranean sites, click here.

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