The Left Behind Author is Digging into Biblical Archaeology

Left Behind author, Jerry Jenkins, publishes his new book, Dead Sea Rising

From our favorite #1 New York Times bestselling author, comes a new work of Christian fiction grounded in archaeological and historical facts. Left Behind author Jerry B. Jenkins is shaking things up in the mystery genre with a new work that will be digging into ancient times. Taking you all the way back to 2000…

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The Bible is True and Christians Can Prove It with Frank Turek

Apologist Frank Turek speaking on-site in Israel

Christians can learn from apologist Frank Turek how to prove the Bible is true and accurate while traveling the world and gathering experiential evidence! Apologist Frank Turek doesn’t shy away from difficult questions. As a Christian speaker, Frank spends a lot of time traveling to college campuses across the country answering questions from young people who…

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Christian Cruise with Craig A. Evans

Dead Sea Scrolls

There is something powerful about seeing Scripture in its original form – catching a glimpse of the handwriting of John or the script of Mark. Many are now scraps of yellowed paper, preserved between pieces of glass, worn at the edges. But pieced together, these fragments show an amazing picture: The origins of Scripture. Across…

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Library of 15,000 Scrolls

The ruins of the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus

Visit Library in the Central City Our Ephesus Bible tour on our Footsteps of Paul Mediterranean Cruises, will explore Paul’s time at Ephesus. In that time period, Ephesus was considered the center of travel and commerce in the ancient world. The city was situated on the Aegean Sea and was one of the greatest seaports.  Today,…

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Library Paleographer’s Delight

Ancient Scroll in The National Library of Greece

Precious Manuscripts at National Library of Greece Not many tours will take the time to show you the marvelous marble National Library of Greece. It is an important part of our Footsteps of Paul Christian Tours of Greece because the library houses a treasure of virtually unknown Biblical manuscripts. The manuscripts are dated between the 7th and 11th centuries. Their construction is…

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Teach your Children & Grandchildren God’s Truth about Creation

African Family Safari

Christian Vacation with a Purpose African Family Safari: Join us for an opportunity of a lifetime on an African Family Safari, with top creation teachers.  Interested in a Christian vacation like no other? “But now ask the beasts, and they will teach you; And the birds of the air, and they will tell you; Or speak to the…

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Where Was Jesus Crucified? Dr. Robert Cornuke’s New Golgotha Discovery and Book

Where was Jesus crucified Golgotha

Where was Jesus crucified? On one of our recent Israel tours, leader and speaker, Dr. Robert Cornuke, gave an astonishing new teaching on-site with Living Passages in the location of his new Biblical discovery, Golgotha. This controversial proposition goes against popular opinion. Yet, as travelers stood at the edge of the unpolished Silwan neighborhood, across…

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Martin Luther’s Last Straw with the Catholic Church

Wittenberg Cathedral where Mike Gendron talks about the work of Martin Luther

Why Martin Luther Wrote the 95 Theses “When Martin Luther walked the half mile from his home in Wittenberg to the Castle Church (pictured above), he was angry. He was about to nail a list of challenges against the Catholic teaching to the church door, which also served as a bulletin board in the small…

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