A Personal Letter from Dr. Mark Tatlock of The Master’s Academy International

Dear Friends,

I am very excited for our upcoming Reformation Heroes Tour. In just four weeks, our group of 25 will meet in Berlin and together embark on an 11-day journey visiting some of the most important sites in church history. The opportunity to learn together by visiting the very locations where Luther, Zwingli, and Calvin grew in their convictions and stood for the faith is a once in a lifetime opportunity. When you add to this the fellowship with likeminded partners and being taught by the faculty of our European training centers, I am confident we will all be encouraged to stand firm in our commitment to advance the Truth around the world.

For those who are new to the ministry of TMAI, our mission is to train indigenous church leaders worldwide. In 2004, under the leadership of John MacArthur, TMAI was established with the commitment to fulfil the Great Commission.  Our focus is to train national church leaders to be approved pastor-teachers, able to equip their churches to make biblically sound disciples. TMAI is a fellowship of pastoral training centers united by a common doctrinal perspective and approach to ministry. The 17 TMAI member schools, along with their extension sites and affiliates, are serving thousands of churches throughout the world by providing sound Biblical training to the next generation of pastors and missionaries. On our tour, we visit our flagship school in Berlin and have the opportunity to meet the leaders and graduates who are currently teaching around the world. If you’d like to learn more about our ministry, you can visit us at www.tmai.org.

As we approach the start of this very special trip, I would like to encourage you to begin learning even now about Germany, Switzerland, and the Reformation as a whole. To assist you with this, each week I will send you a brief email with recommended reading and a sermon or lecture. The first suggested resources are below, and I pray this will benefit you personally in your preparation. If there is any other way TMAI can serve you, please let me know.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Dr. Mark Tatlock, President of The Master's Academy International


President Mark Tatlock