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Christian Travel for the Intrepid Berean

Christian Travel for the Intrepid Berean


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Joseph Farah and WND: The Unique Work of a Christian-led News Organization

News has never been as plentiful as it is right now. Everywhere we go on the internet, we find ourselves looking at what is happening in the world. Not only on the news channels and websites, but through social media, and even through entertainment. Social critique, politics, and world-views are clashing head-to-head all around us.…

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Living Passages announces slate of featured tours and cruises – Footsteps of Paul and Holy Lands excursions

Ephesus is among the stops on some of our Christian tours

Living Passages 105 N 1st Street, Suite 200 Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814 Coeur d’Alene, ID – Living Passages offers Christian tours and cruises that enlighten travelers’ understanding of Biblical history and archaeology while they experience five-star luxury and a distinctive community experience. As vacationers visit the Holy Land via tours and cruises, the history and…

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Prophetic celebration in Holy Land this week

“And it will be, when you come to the Land that God your Lord gives to you as an inheritance, and you possess it, and you settle in it; then you will take from the first fruits of all the produce of the earth that you will bring from the Land that God your Lord…

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