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Ancient Manuscripts in Egypt & Ethiopia Still Relevant Today

Black and white ancient text of the Apocalypse of Peter

Christian Manuscripts in Egypt and Ethiopia from 110 AD In 1886-1887 the Apocalypse of Peter manuscript or the Revelation of Peter was found north of Luxor, Egypt. Luxor is an area known for its many sites, like monasteries and churches, for the early church in Egypt. It was written in 110 AD. Another Apocalypse of…

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Visit Moses’ Parents Tomb on Bible Study Tours of Egypt

All our standard tours of Egypt visit the grand funerary temple of Hatshepsut. This temple was designed by Moses prior to his fleeing Egypt. You can see the defaced statues of Moses at this rare temple. But uniquely nearby there is a tomb that had the remains of Moses natural mother and natural father. The…

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Egypt Tour Examines God’s Power in Psalm 104

Christian Egypt Tour, Explore Pattern of Evidence Exodus

On our Biblical Egypt tour in February 2017, we will be exploring the archaeological finds of beautiful Egypt. Most tours stop in Cairo for a day and miss the best of the Hebrew and Biblical history that is there. Our February Bible study tour not only visits Cairo and its great museum, the pyramids and Nile,…

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Biblical Mysteries and Tour Highlights of Egypt’s Pyramid of Giza

The Giza pyramid remains a mystery to this day. Situated in the middle of Giza, and engineered using a technology outside of its time period, many believe that this wonder is the structure referred to in the following passages: Isaiah 19:19-20: In that day there will be an altar to the Lord in the midst of…

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Evidence of our Biblical Patriarchs in Egypt

Discover historical evidence of our Biblical patriarchs on our Egyptian Bible study tours by exploring mysterious ancient tombs and studying scripture! Just North of El Amarna and 160 miles south of Cairo we include a visit Beni Hasan and the tomb of Khunum-hotep. Of Biblical significance, there is a picture of a caravan of 37…

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Bible Study Tour of Egypt – Highlighting Luxor

Our Christian Tour of Egypt includes a visit to Luxor for at least 2 nights. Besides the Valley of the Kings and Queens there is a substantial amount of Biblical documentation dating back to Joshua’s time. Pharoah Merneptah is highlighted both days. Joshua 15:9 “Then the border went around from the top of the hill…

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Israelite Exodus from Egypt Along the Nile Delta

Our Egypt Bible tours include the main sights along the Nile Delta where the Israelites lived for many years and from where the Exodus most likely began. Most Christian Biblical tours of Egypt do not include the main sights in the Nile Delta where the Israelites lived for many years and from where the Exodus…

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Recently Opened Joseph’s Museum in Egypt

South of Cairo lies the area of Saqqara. It is here in this area Imhotep (Joseph) became so prominent. In honor of Joseph the Imhotep Museum was opened in 2006. Joseph is credited with designing and building the first pyramid in Egypt for King Zoser (Djoser) called the Step Pyramid. It is here near the…

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