Evidence of our Biblical Patriarchs in Egypt

Discover historical evidence of our Biblical patriarchs on our Egyptian Bible study tours by exploring mysterious ancient tombs and studying scripture!

Just North of El Amarna and 160 miles south of Cairo we include a visit Beni Hasan and the tomb of Khunum-hotep. Of Biblical significance, there is a picture of a caravan of 37 Asiatic’s arriving in Egypt to trade. The leader is named Ibsha and bears the title “ruler of foreign lands” from which the name Hyksos is derived. They traveled the same route that Joseph would have come in from Gilead. The site is important because it provides insight to how Abraham and Jacob would have traveled and looked.

The pictures depict these Asiatics as unique in the form of skin color, clothing, shoes and spears. The Asiatics are shown bringing gifts to the Egyptians. The translations is as follows: “The arrival, bringing eye paint, which thirty-seven Asiatics (Aamu) brought to him.” The paintings were done during the time of Sesostris II in around 1892BC.

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