Ancient Manuscripts in Egypt & Ethiopia Still Relevant Today

Christian Manuscripts in Egypt and Ethiopia from 110 AD

Apocalypse of Peter Featured
Apocalypse of Peter

In 1886-1887 the Apocalypse of Peter manuscript or the Revelation of Peter was found north of Luxor, Egypt. Luxor is an area known for its many sites, like monasteries and churches, for the early church in Egypt. It was written in 110 AD. Another Apocalypse of Peter was found in Ethiopia in 1910. The 1886-1887 manuscript can be seen today in the Cairo Museum. What is most interesting about this manuscript is that it goes into detail about the Jewish Christians of that day understanding that the budding of the fig tree, that Jesus spoke of, was a prophecy that the nation of Israel would be reborn, just prior to the second coming of Christ. A Time To Believe does a wonderful job of explaining the importance of the discovery of the Fig Tree manuscript.

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