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Har Karkom: Is Mount Sinai in the Negev, Arabia, or Egypt?

Menorah Har Karkom Negev Israel

Written by: Jennifer Bartlett Could Har Karkom be the Mountain of God? Whether it is the true Mt. Sinai, or Kadesh Barnea, or simply an ancient flint quarry, this location offers many thought-provoking petroglyphs that suggest that this has been an important Jewish site for millennia.  Living Passages has taken our Berean friends to Egypt’s…

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NASA Technology Reveals Text from Dead Sea Scrolls

Dead Sea Scroll Fragments

For decades since the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, dozens of tiny fragments of the manuscripts have appeared blank. But archaeologists have used Nasa technology to unveil script on the fragments. It has opened the door to see text that previously was indistinguishable from the parchment paper they were written on, which has darkened with age. The…

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The “Sleeping Beauty” of Ethiopian Archaeology

Work in Ethiopian Archaeology continues to help grow our Biblical knowledge

The Secrets of Ethiopian Archaeology Continue to Expand our Understanding Explore the secret tomb of a wealthy mystery woman known as Sleeping Beauty in the remote country of Ethiopia with legendary Biblical explorer Bob Cornuke. In the Gheralta plateau in Ethiopia, an archaeologist searched for the history of the Queen of Sheba and made an…

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Herodian Stones at Former Ethiopian Jewish Temple

Herodian Blocks at Yeha

On one of our trips to Ethiopia, we visited Christian sites like a Sabean (Sheba) Temple that was built in 700 BC; later on it was converted to a Jewish Temple. In around 600 AD, the then Jewish Temple was used as a Christian Church. However, the baptismal pool remains today. Pastor Stan Felder above…

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Ethiopia: Earliest Known Illuminated Biblical Scripts Found

Ancient Ethiopian Manuscript Holy Book

An ancient monastery in Northern Ethiopia has revealed the earliest known illuminated Biblical Gospel manuscripts. The Biblical scripts have not left the tiny monastery since they were written between 330 and 650 AD. This carbon dating was conducted in Oxford in late 2010. There had been a 1500-year old oral tradition associating the Gospels with…

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Ancient Manuscripts in Egypt & Ethiopia Still Relevant Today

Black and white ancient text of the Apocalypse of Peter

Christian Manuscripts in Egypt and Ethiopia from 110 AD In 1886-1887 the Apocalypse of Peter manuscript or the Revelation of Peter was found north of Luxor, Egypt. Luxor is an area known for its many sites, like monasteries and churches, for the early church in Egypt. It was written in 110 AD. Another Apocalypse of…

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Aksum museum curator discusses Ark of Covenant stone discovery

  On September 29 2010, Aksum (Axum) museum curator Tewdros Abreham discussed the recent discovery of a stone that was unearthed under Dungur Palace (Queen of Sheba Palace). The altar or stone most likely was the first used for the Ark of the Covenant’s arrival in Ethiopia when Menelik and the Levite priests sons brought…

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