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NASA Technology Reveals Text from Dead Sea Scrolls

Dead Sea Scroll Fragments

For decades since the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, dozens of tiny fragments of the manuscripts have appeared blank. But archaeologists have used Nasa technology to unveil script on the fragments. It has opened the door to see text that previously was indistinguishable from the parchment paper they were written on, which has darkened with age. The…

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Rare Biblical Discovery From King David’s Time

Biblical Discovery time of King David

*Photographic credit: Tal Rogovsky This rare Biblical discovery contains words from 3,000 years ago! The name inscribed in this clay pot is referenced in ll Samuel, during the time of King David. Excavators carefully assembled this ancient artifact and were blown away to find the scriptural reference. Archeology News Report published this story recently, see…

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Archaeologist Eli Shukron on site in Israel with Living Passages

Living Passages is proud to have world famous archaeologist Eli Shukron, on site in Israel to discuss his recent findings with our June Group.  The Associate Press reported on May 6, 2014 that Eli Shukron’s has uncovered the water tunnel that King David used to conquer the city talked about in 2 Samuel, which was then…

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Biblical Creation Study Tour Sites in Ethiopia

As we journey through Ethiopia, we’re blessed with numerous beautiful Christian sites. For example, located an hour or so South of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is an archeological site called Melka Konture. It is an archeological site which is a huge accumulation of all types of animal and human bones in one small area. The local…

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