Pyramid of Giza Biblical Mysteries

Great Pyramid of Giza Biblical Mysteries remain unsolved to this day. Situated in the middle of Giza, and engineered using a technology outside of its time period, many believe that this wonder is the structure referred to in the following passages:

Isaiah 19:19-20

Jeremiah 32:20

What did Barry Smith Teach About the Pyramids of Giza? 

Bible teacher Barry Smith, who died in 2002 did a fantastic teaching on the Great Pyramid at Giza. You can still obtain it from his family’s website in New Zealand. If you have difficulty obtaining it you can contact Rhonda Sand at [email protected]. We incorporate his teachings on our Egypt tours. A small list of his research includes the following:

  • Strangers in the land built the Great Pyramid.
  • It was built using the PI principle, although PI had not been invented until the Greek period and is perfect.
  • It is the only building you can see from the moon.
  • The Japanese tried to recreate it with modern technology and could not.
  • It was made with 144,000 limestone slabs and 2.4M blocks of granite.
  • Its position is exactly NSEW
  • You either go up the King’s Chamber or down to the pit (see diagram).
  • If you sit on top of it with a compass facing Israel, it is a straight line across the Red Sea and Jordan River crossing sites.
  • Our earth’s land is equal in all 4 directions.
  • The occultist’s want it and have tried to use it as their symbol. *Occultism is the belief in or study of the action or influence of supernatural or supernormal powers.
  • Of course, the capstone is missing for now (Jesus is the Capstone).

There are many more unique archeological aspects for those in our Christian Egypt tour groups who want to go inside the pyramid and see the wonders of this globally recognized mysterious monument. Join Living Passages on a Bible Land tour of Egypt, Israel, Greece, Turkey or Ethiopia. The Bible will come alive for you.

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