Greece, Italy & Turkey 2025 | Biblical Mediterranean Christian Cruise | Randy Mantel

With Randy Mantel

From $3,899 per person

May 9-18, 2025 | Athens/Corinth 3-Night Optional Extension | May 18-21, 2025

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Tour Leaders:

Randy Mantel


Footsteps of Paul, Greece, Mediterranean, Rome, Turkey


Join Randy Mantel and the staff of Living Passages as they study their way through the teachings of Jesus, dive into the ministry of Paul, and explore the new archaeological sites across Italy and the very best ruins of Greece and Turkey.

This beautifully designed tour combines Biblical, in-depth teaching while we sail the Mediterranean. You will enjoy ample time throughout our tour to explore and relax, starting with our visit to ancient Rome, through the most beautiful Greek Islands, to the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea – Ephesus with an optional end at Athens and Corinth! All this, plus relaxing days at sea with private teachings, fellowship, and praise-and-worship together.

You won’t want to miss it. This tour will sell out fast!

Cruise, tour, and included meal pricing are based on ship availability. You have the opportunity to use our airfare package out of either New York or San Francisco. The cruise and land tour of Rome starts at $3,899 per person in an inside cabin double occupancy. There is also an opportunity to upgrade your cabin to a balcony, outside cabin, or suite.

Athens/Corinth 3-night Optional Extension

May 18-21, 2025

Parthenon Temple at Acropolis of Athens Greece (719305414)

Optional three-day tour in Greece with Athens, Corinth, and Cencherea highlighted (plus the Vatican/St. Paul’s and more in Rome).
The extension includes 1 night on the beautiful Aegean in a boutique hotel, 2 nights in Athens, one-way air ticket from Rome to Athens, all meals, all tours and transfers, and privately-guided Biblical tours.
You won’t want to miss this adventure!

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  • Seven days on a luxury cruise ship.

  • Two days of touring in Rome on the main tour with a Biblical scholar who specializes in the beautiful city.

  • Optional 3rd day with 3 nights of touring included on the optional Athens extension.

  • Five private teachings aboard the ship with Bible scholar Randy Mantel.

  • Private day of touring at Ephesus with a festive Turkish lunch.

  • Optional three-day tour in Greece with Athens, Corinth, and Cencherea highlighted (plus the Vatican/St. Paul’s and more in Rome).

  • Optional private tour of Pompeii and a visit to the small port of Puteoli which was Paul’s final place of arrival.

  • All meals except two lunches and one dinner in Rome.

  • Reduced-price, round-trip airfare from New York or San Francisco.

  • All port taxes.

  • All transfers (when using our group air) and transportation.

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Departure on Airplane
  • May 9, 2025
  • Depart to Rome
  • Depart San Francisco or New York this morning for Rome.  You can also arrange your own airfare and take our air credit.

Trevi Fountain
  • May 10, 2025
  • Roma!
  • We will arrive in Rome this morning. Upon arrival, if taking our group transfer, you will stop and walk a bit on the Via Appia, the same street that Paul walked on as he entered Rome. After we check into our hotel, we will walk to Trevi Fountain and then back to our hotel for a casual dinner.

Roman Forum
  • May 11, 2025
  • Ancient Rome/Board Ship
  • This morning we visit the spectacular Coliseum of Rome, the Forum, the Mamertine Museum where Paul and Peter were imprisoned, and then make our way to the ship. Our first dinner together is this evening!

RCI OY 102021 CC AHendel Casita 9062 RET
  • May 12, 2025
  • Day at Sea with Bible Study
  • An entire day spent at sea. Sleep in this morning and enjoy the ship’s wonderful surroundings with a walk around the pool deck and breakfast at the huge outdoor buffet. Meet together from 3:00PM to 5:00PM for a study of Paul’s time in Rome today. Dinner with the group or at your leisure.

Santorini restaurant
  • May 13, 2025
  • Santorini, Greece
  • Morning study together on the top deck focused on studying Paul’s second time in Rome, this time as a prisoner. Lunch aboard the ship and then the ship will drop anchor at the lovely island of Santorini. Your time here is at your leisure. The best thing to do in Santorini is to take the fast cable car to the top of Fira town and then grab a beautiful place to see one of the most beautiful views on earth. You can also take a beach visit, take a taxi around the island, shop, or even take a snorkel tour. An adventure that previous travelers have thoroughly enjoyed is a four-wheeler tour of the island! You do not have to re-board the ship until 11:00PM this evening!

Ephesus unsplash
  • May 14, 2025
  • Ephesus!
  • This is the site of Paul’s first letter to the churches in the Book of Revelation. Archeologically, it is considered the pearl of the Mediterranean, as it is the most magnificent archeological site. It is so easy to visit, yet it is full of Biblical truths. Ephesians 1:1-2, and Acts 19 will come alive. Especially compelling is the remaining Temple to Diana or Artemis that is still standing today. In addition, you will sit in the theatre where the Apostle Paul gave one of his most compelling sermons. You will walk the same streets that Jesus’ mother Mary walked and where the Apostle John spent much of his time. Ephesus is only 35 miles from Smyrna and only a 5-hour boat trip to the island of Patmos where John received the Book of Revelation. The day will be very memorable we will end it with a sumptuous Turkish farm meal and lively carpet demonstration. You will have plenty of time to shop and perhaps have a coffee along the waterfront.

    We reboard our ship for dinner and sail on past the tiny islands where the Early Church first took root.

mykonos 17156
  • May 15, 2025
  • Mykonos!
  • This is “the” vacation island destination for Greek families. It is considered to be their “Maui.” You will have so much to do here! You can rent bicycles, grab a towel and hit the beach, meander the dozens of quaint streets filled with shoppers and holiday seekers, or take a trip outside of town to see how the Greeks utilize farming successfully on the islands. This is a day of relaxation for you. For those of you who return early (4:30PM), we will have a study together on the Early Church and Judaism within these islands.

cruise boat in harbor Santorini Greece unsplash
  • May 16, 2025
  • Day at Sea with Bible Study
  • Another glorious day at sea. If you are up to it, we will have fellowship and worship on the aft top deck before breakfast. We will also get together again this afternoon at 4:30PM for another teaching on Paul’s final journey that took place in the waters we will be passing through and his amazing shipwreck that took place in Acts 27. It is a riveting story and we will be able to trace its steps while aboard ship and discuss the many things that transpired during Paul’s life.

pizzeria rome unsplash
  • May 17, 2025
  • Naples/Optional Pompeii and Puteoli Tour
  • Today you can step off the ship and enjoy the city where Pizza was invented or join our optional full-day tour which visits the small port of Puteoli where Paul arrived for his evangelistic church planting, his imprisonment, and, finally, his death. We will also visit the amazing site of Pompeii today. It is a city of decadence that was caught in a volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 BC. We return to the ship for our farewell dinner together.

Plane Wing Pink and Purple Clouds Itinerary
  • May 18, 2025
  • Rome
  • The ship arrives at 5:00AM. Those not taking the Athens and Corinth post-tour extension and who have taken the group air program will receive an airport transfer to the Rome FCO airport this morning. Flights back to New York and San Francisco arrive the same day.


Vatican Rome unsplash
  • May 18, 2025
  • Vatican, Pantheon, Athens
  • Disembark the ship this morning and you have an appointment at St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Vatican, and the Vatican Museums, including the Sistine Chapel. After your visit, we take a walking tour of the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, and then have free time at the Spanish Steps. Transfer to the airport for your 5:00PM flight to Athens. Upon arrival in Athens, we drive towards the Aegean Sea for our lovely boutique hotel.

Ancient Corinth
  • May 19, 2025
  • Corinth
  • Enjoy breakfast this morning and then we depart for Ancient Corinth. We will be visiting both Upper and Lower Corinth with a great view of Acro Corinth. We will then visit a rarely-visited spot called Cencherea where the Apostle Paul took his Nazarite vow on the beach. We’ll be provided with a lovely lunch in the countryside and then we transfer into the bustling city of Athens. Once in Athens and checked into our hotel, we will walk to the oldest section of Athens called Plaka. Here we will have an outdoor dinner together.

Streets of Plaka Athens Greece unsplash
  • May 20, 2025
  • Athens, Mars Hill
  • This morning we will first visit Mars Hill. It is at Mars Hill that the Apostle Paul said these words Men of Athens: “You worship many idols but you don’t even know the real God.” Acts 17:22-31. Then we will walk up the Acropolis to the Parthenon. Our teaching will discuss how the faith of many Greeks today is due to the applied wisdom of the Apostles through the Word that was given to them. This afternoon you will have some free time to either visit the Archeological Museum or enjoy the quaint streets of Plaka very near our hotel. We will have a farewell dinner overlooking the Parthenon this evening.

Plane Wing Golden Clouds Itinerary
  • May 21, 2025
  • Departures
  • Breakfast at the hotel and transfer to the airport. Flights will return to San Francisco and New York the same day.

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randy mantel

Randy Mantel

Worship Leader, Playwright, Director, Actor, Teacher, and Retired Peace Officer

Randy was gifted with an incredible singing voice which he first used singing solo in the 2nd grade at the Christian school spring concert. God continued to use his voice as a worship leader for over 30 years at three different churches which included numerous TV and radio appearances.  In addition to his position as a worship leader, Randy also served as a Sunday School teacher, board member, writer, director, and actor in a passion play entitled “Crucify” which ministered to thousands over the course of many years, resulting in a great harvest of converts and recommitments to Christ.

With strong convictions to never personally receive a salary for doing God’s work Randy was employed as a Peace Officer for 27 years at a corrections facility in San Luis Obispo, California.  As Randy has stated, “God sent me to prison to shine a light in a very dark and needed place.” A member of the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers, Randy led Bible studies after hours at the prison and courageously led prayer at the flagpole.

What Randy won’t boast about, is his heart for the Lord and his passion for the people.  He humbly serves the Lord with such a gentle ministering spirit and everyone who meets him is touched by his kindness and caring.  He strives to live with a Job-like countenance, rising early to seek the Lord and spending time in prayer.  He is an absolute joy to be around and will be a blessing to travel with.

Randy married his childhood sweetheart Sue at the age of 20 and recently they celebrated their 48th anniversary.  With 3 children and 8 grandchildren, all faithfully serving the Lord they are truly blessed.  While recently talking to one of his grandsons about traveling around the world his grandson stated “Grandpa, you know you are getting old, right? Are you sure you should be traveling?”  God has a wonderful way of keeping us humble.  Randy said he is looking forward to meeting you all.

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This Bible-focused cruise and tour will be fully hosted. The beauty of being on a large vessel it is that we will have access to all of the amenities, the pools, the numerous restaurants, the spas, the shows, the full services of a concierge, room service, workout facilities, walking and running tracks, numerous options on cabin type and so many more benefits, yet at the same time we will have the intimacy of a study group with a teaching pastor that will shepherd us through the journeys of Paul – geographically, scripturally and personally within our group.

The beauty of this type of study trip is that you will depart with forever friends and an amazing personal first-hand experience in the places where the Apostle Paul was enriched by the Holy Spirit. We will be the recipients of this treasure as we walk the streets of ancient Greece, Ephesus, Rome, and Puteoli. We hope you can join us!

fsop2025 cabin chart


Inside Cabins: Stateroom is 166 Sq Feet with all amenities. Bedding can be two twin beds or it can be converted into one king bed. If you want to travel with children or a 3rd or 4th person, we can request a room with an additional sofa bed.

Outside Cabins: Stateroom is 182 Sq Feet plus a 55 Sq Feet balcony with all amenities. The bed arrangements can be two twin beds, or they can be converted into one king bed. If you want to travel with children or a 3rd or 4th person, we can request a room with an additional sofa bed.

Balcony Cabins: Stateroom is 182 Sq Feet plus a 55 Sq Feet balcony with all amenities. The bed arrangements can be two twin beds, or they can be converted into one king bed. If you want to travel with children or a 3rd or 4th person, we can request a room with an additional sofa bed.


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