The “Sleeping Beauty” of Ethiopian Archaeology

The Secrets of Ethiopian Archaeology Continue to Expand our Understanding

Explore the secret tomb of a wealthy mystery woman known as Sleeping Beauty in the remote country of Ethiopia with legendary Biblical explorer Bob Cornuke.

In the Gheralta plateau in Ethiopia, an archaeologist searched for the history of the Queen of Sheba and made an unnerving discovery. A 20-foot stone stele carved with an inscription and a symbol led the archaeologist to grave. A grave where the remains of an ancient lady had lain for thousands of years. A sinister, skeletal corpse, accompanied by bronze mirror, glass vessels, and old world cosmetics. Further searching revealed more graves, these filled with the bodies of warriors who likely fell in battle.

Who was this wealthy woman and why was she buried with soldiers around her? Is this the final resting place of the Queen of Sheba? We don’t have the answers yet and the identity of the skeleton lady (referred to by the archaeologist as “sleeping beauty”) may never be revealed. But one thing is certain, the Ethiopian country is still filled with strange and wonderful mysteries.

Would you visit the tomb of “Sleeping Beauty”?

Those who signed up for our past Ethiopia tours had the chance to see the “Sleeping Beauty” tomb for ourselves on a trip with Biblical explorer Bob Cornuke!  We traveled to the city of Axum, the Blue Nile Falls, Lalibela, and the holy island of Tana Qirqos as we explored the legends of the Ark and saw the wonders and mysteries of Ethiopia!

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