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City of David Revealed Fulfilling Biblical Prophesy

City of David

Modern discoveries have revealed the authentic City of David in Israel and are fulfilling Biblical prophesy as archaeologists uncover scriptural evidence.

“Shake off your dust; rise up, sit enthroned, Jerusalem.” Isaiah 52:2

Who would have thought that in modern times, we would get to watch this happen before our eyes through the excavation of the City of David?

The City of David, which experts now believe to be the ancient Jerusalem, was discovered only 150 years ago. Before that, the predominant thought was that the Old City was the site of ancient Jerusalem, where David set up the capital city of the tribes of Israel more than 3,000 years ago.

Today, the dust is flying, and the longer archaeologists work, the more we can see puzzle pieces of Scripture fall into place in the stones of this city.

Tour Guide: Archaeologist Eli Shukron

Thanks to our guide Eli Shukron, you can see this for yourself on our Israel Christian tours. Eli is an Israeli archaeologist, excavator, scholar and licensed tour guide of the ancient remains of Jerusalem. He has personally discovered the Pool of Siloam and Jerusalem Pilgrim Road from the Second Temple era and helped excavated those and other areas of the City of David.

We are excited to have such an authority on this area available to you in such an exciting time for biblical archaeology. Eli will help bring the City of David in focus with Scripture.

The City of David Revealed

For centuries, the City of David remained veiled as tourists visited the Old City of Jerusalem, believing they were seeing David’s capital city. But 150 years ago, a British archaeologist named Charles Warren discovered a tunnel system now known as Warren’s Shaft, which David used to capture the city. Warren knew he had stumbled on the true City of David.

Warrens Shaft

As archaeologists uncovered his find, many pieces of Scripture and prophesy fell into place

Now, you can visit the Pool of Siloam, fed by the Gihon Spring, the city’s water source. The pool is where Jesus healed the blind man and Jewish people gathered for the Feasts of the Lord. Researchers believe that the pilgrim travelers going up to the Jewish Temple would wash in the Pool of Siloam before taking the Pilgrim Road up to Temple Mount.

You can stand in the places Abraham met Melchizedek, where Isaiah gave his prophecies, and where kings David and Solomon served the Lord.

It’s given new life to this ancient city, so full of rich Biblical history. It’s an exciting time to visit Israel and walk among the sites where Jerusalem is literally shaking off its dust.

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