Our Alaskan tours and cruises are incredible vacations exploring the beautiful northern lands of God's creation!

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What sets Alaska apart as a Christian tour destination? The answer is that Alaska is one of the most family-friendly vacation spots in the world.

With its majestic mountains, rustic towns, and unique wildlife, Alaska is a complete opposite to the commercially driven, tourist-packed, urban theme parks where most families head during summer vacation. Alaska is the last wild frontier and a one-of-a-kind experience for the faith-based traveler.

Alaska vacations for families are often built around the adventure of the great outdoors, but a Christian tour to Alaska means more than just fishing, nature walks, and wildlife expeditions.

When you travel to Alaska with us, you are taking a journey that is centered around the Bible, you are led by experienced Christian guides who bring teaching and wisdom, and you can enjoy the community of fellow believers while sharing a time you will never forget.

Alaska has many amazing features but the truly rewarding aspect of Christian travel is connecting with other Christians.

We create faith-based itineraries so that when you go somewhere new, you can grow in your walk with God while being part of something extraordinary.

What Can You Expect On Our Alaska Tours & Cruises?

  • Authentic Locations Icon

    Unique Locations

    Visit unique and Biblically relevant sites along your journey!

  • Hotel Icon

    Luxury Accommodations

    Rest comfortably in luxurious hand-selected first-class hotels!

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    Flexible Flights

    Adaptable airfare with group air discounts or purchase your own tickets!

  • Care Icon

    Christian Care

    Our Christian travel experts handle all the fine details of your travel!

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    Exceptional Teachers

    Each tour is led by a world-renowned teacher of Biblical creation!

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    Bible Study

    Each stop on your trip will be supported by in-depth Bible study!

  • Friends Icon

    Christian Fellowship

    Make new friends and fellowship with other Christians!

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    All-Age Appropriate

    Designed for Christian singles, seniors, couples, and families alike!