Bible Tour Church Packages

Find out how you can arrange your own Biblical Teaching Opportunity with  Bible tours in Greece, Turkey, Israel, Petra or Egypt! We are glad you are interested in leading a Christian tour group, and teaching on one of our Bible focused cruises or tours to the Mediterranean, Israel and the Footsteps of Paul destinations! Follow the steps to take in order to take advantage of this incredible offer is as follows:

  • Choose to bring your constituents, friends and family on one of the Christian tours below. Please revisit our website (this would take them to the original landing page) for these details.
  • Discuss how best to promote the Christian tour and cruise to your audience, friends or congregation.
  • Send details to us so that we can get you all pricing, links and details to travel on the teaching tour and to prepare you for the trip.

The offer is that when you bring 12 paying participants, in a double or single cabin or room, you or your spouse can travel free. This offer includes airfare, all tours, meals and taxes. If you bring 24 paying participants you and your spouse can both travel free. We do this in exchange for the ability to promote to your audience. The maximum number of free spaces you can bring is 3, or if you bring 36 paying participants you can travel with 3 free guests. If you bring less than 12 paying participants, you will receive the trip at a discount in accordance to the number of participants. As a reminder, if you choose the May 5 or 6 departures and if you book your 12+ person tour prior to January 20, there is an added bonus. You will also receive $500 in cash to spend while on the trip.

Gain a stronger Biblical teaching background by participating as a leader in your own Christian Bible tour group. Thank you for this incredible opportunity to share the gospel message with those who travel on our tours. What a blessing that your teaching and leadership gifts will be used to expand Christ’s message during these trips! Expand your ministry, call 888 771 8717 today!