Creation-Based African Safari: The White Rhino

One of our visits on our creation tour and African safari is Welgevonden.  It is home to over 50 different mammals and boasts one of the largest populations of white rhino on a private reserve anywhere in Africa. Because the animals on the reserve at Welgevonden have never been hunted, they are less likely to be startled by humans. There is also a limited number of safari vehicles allowed at one time.

During our time on this Creation tour and African safari we will have 5 unique game drives where we will see many different types of animals.  But, the rhinos are distinct in that they are not able to hide well in the wild and their numbers have dwindled.  It is amazing to think that although the rhino was never in Israel or in the Bible area where Job lived (tomb is in Oman), that Job mentions him by name!

Job 39:9-12 Shall the rhinoceros be willing to serve thee, or will he stay at thy crib? 10 Canst thou bind the rhinoceros with thy thong to plough, or will he break the clods of the valleys after thee?11 Wilt thou have confidence in his great strength, and leave thy labours to him? 12 Wilt thou trust him that he will render thee the seed, and gather it into thy barn floor?

These and many more of God’s mysteries will be discussed fireside each night. The visit to Welgevonden will be a real highlight!  We look forward to seeing you on our Christian creation tour and African safari.

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