Creation and the Big Five

What could be more exciting?

Interested in a Christian vacation like no other? What would be more exciting than snapping a photo of a stunning African elephant in its natural habitat?  How about an up-close elephant encounter with these remarkable creatures! Wouldn’t you love the opportunity to photograph them, and a chance to pet, feed, and learn about them in person? The African Elephant, and the others of the Big Five, are so amazing!

More than just capturing a glimpse of the legends of the African Savannah, our African Family Safari  educates our travelers in the ways of the majestic African elephant and the beautiful leopard. Your pulse will race as you walk with the lions and your heart will melt when you swim with the elephants. Maybe you’ll laugh at the ill tempered rhinoceros and certainly you will wonder at the sheer brute strength of the buffalo.

Who teacheth us more than the beasts of the earth, and maketh us wiser than the fowls of heaven? Job 35:11

Join us for an opportunity of a lifetime on an African Family Safari and Creation Tour!

The Big Five

The term “Big Five” game was coined by big-game hunters. It refers to the five most difficult animals in Africa to hunt on foot. They  are among the most dangerous, yet most popular species for big-game hunters to hunt. Of course on our Photo Safari, we will be “hunting” for photo opportunities of the Big Five! Here’s the line-up:

African Lion

Mention a safari to Africa, and one animal springs immediately to mind, the lion! The King of Beasts is on everybody’s list of animals to see. This fascination is no doubt due to the size and awesome power of this large cat, as well as its hunting prowess. The majestic king has long marveled mankind with its strength and beauty. The glorious manes of the males and hunting prowess of the females leaves no doubt in your mind their title of King is well deserved. You will not only view them in action on the South African savannah, but you will have an opportunity to walk with a pride of lions. It is an experience second to none.

African Elephant

An extremely intelligent and social animal, the African elephant can most often be seen around water and sources of vegetation. The African Elephant is the largest land mammal and perhaps the continent’s most charismatic creature. These playful creatures are the largest of the Big Five and are truly impressive to see up-close and personal. You will have an opportunity to touch and feed some of our elephant friends during a special guided tour. Our visitors are captivated by the power and grace of these magnificent animals. And, by their apparent sensitivity and compassion.

Cape Buffalo 

Closely related to the domestic cow, the African buffalo is one of the most successful and perhaps ecologically important mammals on the African continent. Buffalo are completely dependent upon surface water, so are absent from arid and semi-arid regions, but are widespread and common in savannah, woodland, and forest environments. These roaming animals can be found in herds of up to 1,000. The African buffalo is well known for its exceptional memory. It will recognize a person (such as hunters) that hurt it in the past and it will attack it at their next encounter. When threatened, they can do some significant damage. They are considered the most dangerous of the big five. Even lions second guess taking on the mighty Cape Buffalo.

African Rhinoceros

Only second in size to the African elephant, these mighty creatures can get as large as 6,000 pounds! The African species are the white and black rhinoceroses, and both species have two horns. Rhinos use their horns not only in battles for territory or females, but also to defend themselves from lions, tigers and hyenas. Rhinos rank among the most endangered species on Earth. Valued for their horns, they face a dire threat from poaching, which is rapidly pushing them towards extinction. Their horns are used in traditional Chinese medicine, as well as carved into jewelry, dagger handles, and other trinkets.  Rhino horns have become so valuable on the black market that thieves are stealing them from museums and game trophies shot long ago.

African Leopard

Few animals possess the mysterious aura of the leopard. They are graceful and powerful at once, and many revere them for their utter beauty. To escape the midday heat, many take to a cave or a tree, and it’s quite a treat to see one of these creatures draped over a tree branch. Solitary by nature, these regal cats can be difficult to locate. Their spots and ability to climb trees gives them an excellent advantage to staying hidden. Leopards are most active between sunset and sunrise hunting their prey. The leopard is the most adaptable of the large predators and is still be found in close proximity to man, even, sometimes, on the outskirts of large cities. It is able to survive in just about any environment, being at home in forest, savannah, desert, or mountain top.

And, So Much More

Of course there are many more delightful, impressive, and endangered animals to been seen on our African Family Safari and Creation Tours. How about waking to a giraffe looking in your window? It happens! You’ll see cheetahs, baboons, antelope, oryx, zebra, crocodile, and oh, so much more! South Africa has a large variety of wildlife, including snakes, birds, plains animals, and predators. The country has 299 species of mammals and 858 species of birds.

South Africa works to preserve its wildlife with dozens of protected land and marine areas, as well as nearly 9,000 privately-owned game reserves. Nevertheless, many of South Africa’s animals are hurt by illegal hunting and loss of habitat, and dozens of species are in danger of extinction, including the black rhinoceros, the cheetah, and the African wild dog.

It is important to note that the African lion and the African bush elephant are both classified as vulnerable. The African leopard and the white rhinoceros are both classified as near threatened. The black rhinoceros and northern white rhinoceros are both classified as critically endangered. The African buffalo is experiencing a population decline in uncontrolled areas due to poaching and urbanization.

Why the Creation Tours?

It is one thing to experience an African Safari, it is another to have a hands-on study of God’s glorious creatures in their natural habitat. It brings life to His nature. The Creation Tours help to prepare Christians to be able to speak about and defend the biblical account of Creation. To present the Gospel of Jesus Christ with bold confidence.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. Genesis 1:1

The Bible clearly and repeatedly claims that God made the heavens and the earth and everything in nature. Some doubt the significance of the Creation doctrine to the faith of a Christian. Some teach that the days of Creation may be thousands or millions of years. Or, that long ages may have occurred between the days of Genesis. In an attempt to be inclusive of people who think this way, it has been suggested that Christians should tolerate such beliefs, because, in their opinion, Creation is not a fundamental doctrine. These individuals see significance in Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection, as well as our baptism and imitation of Him. They say the Creation account is not so essential, so it should not be viewed as fundamental to our faith.

Great are the works of the Lord, studied by all who delight in them. Psalm 111:2

Teaching Creation in the Field

In our Creation Tours teachings we demonstrate that understanding and accepting Creation is fundamental to our faith. That God exists and the Bible is His will. The Bible, the history book of the universe, provides a reliable, eye-witness account of the beginning of all things, and can be trusted to tell the truth in all areas it touches on. Therefore, we are able to use it to help us make sense of this present world. When properly understood, the evidence confirms the biblical account.

The safari and tours are bound to enrich your family’s Christian beliefs with explanations to proclaim the authority of God’s word. This study and hands-on experience will allow you to explore the Bible’s account of creation and Noah’s flood through Biblical presentations, teachings and field trips.

Brush Breakaway

Christian teachers bring creation to life by teaching God’s word while we experience the “hunt” of the Big Five. Their classrooms are our special game drives, bush tours, and reserve visits. Couple this with relaxing and luxurious accommodations. It is an authentic bush breakaway for multi-generations to learn and safari together. Join us for this spectacular African Family Safari and Creation Tours and build memories to last a lifetime!