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Offering Group Travel for Christian Tour Groups

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Living Passages partners with Christian teachers across the United States to create, organize and execute top-quality Bible tours and Christian cruises for those interested in group travel. Teachers can invite members of their congregation to join them on a life-changing exploration of the Bible lands, as we take care of every travel detail.  Living Passages can match Christian tour groups who would like to travel to the Bible Lands with a qualified teacher.  View maps below to get an idea of what Bible sites and locations you would like to visit on your trip or view available group tours now! More information about Christian tour groups below.

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Deepen your faith and relationships on your own customized group travel Bible tour or cruise to the historical Bible sites that you prefer. We can customize a group for 25 or more on a bus tour and a group of 18, 28, 45, 95, 170 or more for a ship based itinerary that can re-trace the Footsteps of Paul and/or the Apostles.

We have a number of sample maps (above) of current or past group travel tours that we have operated for various ministries. These can give you a place to start, but know that we are happy to guide you in the process of choosing the best Biblical teaching locations that can also incorporate fun, shopping and fellowship. A few of our most popular routes include Rome, Corinth, Cencherea, Malta, Sicily, Israel, Seven Churches of Revelation with Ephesus, Pergamom, etc., Patmos, Assos, Istanbul, Athens, the Island of Rhodes, Cyprus, Crete, Phillipi, Thessalonika, Pompeii, Egypt, the Red Sea and so much more! The prices will vary based upon your personalized itinerary. We can include airfare for those originating in North America, or prepare a quote that is cruise or tour only.

These Bible-based vacations are more than an ordinary Mediterranean cruise. Experience Biblical teachings at each site, praise and worship each evening, stimulating Biblical discussions and fellowship with your Christian tour groups.

The luxury sailing vessels we use on our itineraries are small enough to avoid lines, visit smaller ports of call and have poolside devotionals and praise and worship around an intimate, piano setting. You will have a choice of cabins that includes an inside, outside, balcony or verandah cabin and suites on many of our ships.  Let our experts help you map out the best itinerary for your Christian tour group's specific needs. We can also incorporate teaching and learning credits that may be required by higher learning entities.  Past guest references are also available via email or view testimonials.

Please join us and build lifelong relationships while studying the Word on vacation. Call today 888-771-8717 or fill out the  Get Started Form below to customize your own group travel Bible tour or cruise!