This Christian Cruise tour is rich in important Biblical archaeological sites. It will strengthen your faith as The Word becomes your journey on this exciting tour of the Mediterranean and Israel. The journey will bless you with fresh insight, as you study together in the place that God has set apart for Himself. You will be comfortable but moved and awestruck!


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Sample Itinerary

Day Adventures, Locations & Tours
1Depart home cities
2Arrive Athens, visit site at Corinth, overnight near the port where Paul came into Corinth
3Mars Hill, Parthenon, Plaka and board ship for dinner
4Arrive Crete, optional tour of the Archeological Museum of Crete or a free day
5At sea today, teaching and fellowship
6Arrive Israel this morning, Oh Jerusalem! Full day tour of Jerusalem starting with the Mt. of Olives, Palm Sunday Road, the Garden of Gethesamane, City of David, Hezekiah’s Tunnel, Pool of Siloam and then the Southern Steps. Overnight inside the walls of the Old City. Private dinner tonight inside a beautiful stone dining room.
7We have communion this morning in the Garden tomb. Drive through Bethlehem and see Shepherd’s fields, then we will take the cable car up the impressive man- made ramparts to visit Masada. We have time for lunch with a fantastic view from this site. After lunch, drive past the area of Qumran and Ein Gedi. We will be spending time in an area of substantial Old Testament history with a stop to receive a teaching and see the winepress and Shiloh, where the Ark of the Covenant resided. Later in the day, we come through the Jezreel Valley, stopping briefly at Armageddon. Arrive back on the ship for dinner.
8Depart this morning for a day on Jesus’ Galilee. Our first stop is the Mt. of Beatitudes, then Magdala, Beth Saida, St. Peter’s fish lunch, see the Jesus boat and visit Peter’s mother-in-law’s house and Capernaum. Come back through Nazareth and see the overlook where tradition holds is the spot where the Jews of Nazareth wished to throw Jesus over a cliff. We come into the pretty port town of Haifa and board our ship for dinner and our departure from Israel.
9Tour today of Cyprus, we drive east towards Paphos. This was a key location for many individuals who sought out the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. Paphos features breathtaking villas and palaces that rival any in the world. This location would later be known to the Christian world as the location where Paul engaged in a battle with Bar-Jesus, also known as Elymas, a powerful sorcerer.
10Full free day on the island of Rhodes. This island has a beautiful wall surrounding it with pristine beaches, shopping, water sports, markets and two great museums. Everything is within walking distance of the port. You will love this visit!
11Santorini. Known as the most beautiful island in the world. You can take a tour today of the island, rent an ATV, hire a cab or just enjoy the magnificent views from atop the volcanic caldera. Full day to enjoy this special place on earth.
12Sparta. Greece. King Xerxes presence will be seen at the close historical port visit. The Greco-Persian war of the Battle of Thermopylae took place during the time that Queen Esther had her cherished ascension, and we will be able to see battle sites themselves. In addition, there was plenty of Early Christian and 4th Crusades took place amount the very hills that we will visit. There will be two optional tours that you can join depending on your interests.
13At sea today, teaching and fellowship
14We have an optional tour today of Pompeii. You will see life standing still at just after the time that Paul visited the area. You will see homes, kitchens, people, temples and everything in life as they left it, including the decadent sides of life that lead to its destruction. The ship is in the port of Sorrento/Capri all day. There will be time to see Pompeii and the Italian Riviera.
15Ship arrives in Rome, disembark today and fly home or enjoy the optional Rome tour.


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