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Saudi Arabia Tour Dates:  May 2 – 8, 2020

Important for Acceptance into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

First and foremost: if you have a current passport and have Israeli stamps, you will need to apply for a second passport. It is very easy to do. The passport that you will present cannot have any Israeli arrival/departure stamps in it. Please allow between 3-weeks and 5-weeks to obtain the second passport. It can be obtained faster if you pay expedited fees. Do not wait to book your trip until your second passport arrives. We cannot secure your visa until approximately 60 days prior to our departure, so we have time. If you need to obtain a second passport to travel to Saudi Arabia, they will require that you send your existing passport with your application, be sure to send us a copy before you mail it. It is a very easy process. We will be asking you for a passport photo and that a copy of your old passport be mailed to us prior to processing your visa. You can send that to us now or later.

Dress is modest. Be advised that you will be fingerprinted and undergo a retinal scan upon arrival in the country. Also be aware, most places in the Kingdom shut down between noon and 3pm every day, as well as several other times during prayers. Often, the group will be returned to the hotel for some free time during these periods. In addition, sometimes sites can be closed for unforeseen reasons and authorities can also deny visitation of certain sites without prior notice. The country is undergoing a remarkable restoration and we cannot predict if a site will be in the middle of a construction project. All of their infrastructure is currently under development.

Your Trip Includes:

Your tour price includes all meals, snacks and drinks including: 5 dinners, all 4 lunches, all 4 breakfasts, snacks on the road and water on all transportation. Your trip includes all hotels with taxes and all surcharges in single rooms, including the last night prior to the overnight flight.   Hotel accommodations are at the Marriott Riyadh Airport on the last evening prior to your flight with dinner and both transfers included.

All transportation while in country is covered, including in-country airfare and all fees, plus your visa.  Included ground transportation in Riyadh, Tabuk and Sharma, will include private cars for day use for any meetings or sightseeing; bus transportation (via large shuttle) from the airport to the Hilton Garden Inn, to the Red Sea Royal Tulip Hotel, and return to the Tabuk Airport; and four wheel drive transportation for the two days we are in Midian with primarily English speaking drivers who are involved with Tabuk University.

Also included is a “pre” Jebel al-Lawz discussion of the Exodus route through the region by Todd Eaton and Sarah Heidt.  Todd has lived and walked the area of the Exodus for years, and his wife Sarah is a Biblical Studies scholar holding a PhD from Yale.

All tips, water, and credit card merchant fees are also included.  To register, please complete the link to right.

Pricing & Cancellation Notification:

Pricing for this tour is based on a group size of 10 paid participants. If the group size falls below the 10, pricing for this tour will be adjusted according to the schedule below:
• 10 or more paid participants – $5,836 per person
• 8 – 9 paid participants – $6,436 per person
If pricing must be changed an invoice will be sent to you via email which will be due on or before April 2, 2020.

This tour is considered  last minute, therefore all cancellations received after booking and deposit will incur a $190 per person administrative fee, plus the cancellation fee below, if notice is received:
• 119-31 days or more prior to departure: the cancellation fee is under a 65-percent penalty of total tour cost per person, plus any air costs incurred, pre- or post-options, visa fees, or add-on travel you have purchased.
• 30 days and less the trip becomes nonrefundable.

Terms and Conditions:

Please review the full Terms & Conditions before booking!


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