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Saudi Arabia 2025 | Exodus Route | Dr. Miles Jones

Saudi Arabia Exodus Route Tour Dates: February 28 – March 6, 2025

Nujuma Red Sea Resort, NEOM, Optional Extension: March 5-8, 2025

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Important for Acceptance into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

In the past years travel to the Kingdom was not allowed with Israeli stamps in your passport. That is no longer the case as of today.

Be advised that you will be fingerprinted and undergo a retinal scan upon arrival in the country.

The country is undergoing a remarkable restoration and we cannot predict if a site might be under construction. Be sure to study the artificial intelligence-operated area called NEOM. Our travels will take us into the middle area of it.

Important Travel Details:

Our trip is considered active on two of our days in Saudi Arabia and one to two days in Jordan. This means that, if you choose to hike (or climb), there are two days that will offer ample time. If you are not a hiker, just know that walking is on fairly normal surfaces. You do not need to climb up Mount Sinai or sit inside the Split Rock of Horeb to enjoy the sites. There are some hikes and climbs, more demanding walks at certain sites, or when walking to sites. This includes a few elevations, a comfortable but busy schedule, some long rides, and extensive drives.

Our lodging in Tabuk is in a 4-star Western-style hotel with all amenities, our Red Sea Hotel is a new basic hotel with large rooms that cater especially to our group. You have an option on the core tour date of spending one-night camping at the base of Jabal al-Lawz. 60% of all transportation is in Toyota Land Cruisers or equivalent. All the services meet our high standards, and you will be very comfortable and well pleased. We obtain a visa on your behalf approximately 32 days prior to departure. You may also obtain your own visas.

Your trip includes hotels, ALL meals, and water on the entire trip. It includes the 4WD transportation and all transportation throughout the trip, all entrance fees, guiding, highly specialized permits, teaching, pre-trip materials, and visa assistance. Please note that in addition to the cost of the tour, there is a visa fee and optional trip cancellation insurance. We strongly recommend trip cancellation insurance which includes medical insurance while outside of the USA and trip delay protection.
The option to visit Nujuma Resort, NEOM’s first open Red Sea Resort is very new. It will be the first time we have offered it AND as of brochure printing in October 2023, no one has stayed there yet. You would be a trailblazer, but that also is beneficial if you have a flexible approach.

Traveling Single:

We match roommates! If you are a single person or traveling alone, we do have others who would like to travel with us without paying the single supplement. We assign roommates approximately 2 weeks prior to departure. We cannot guarantee it, but it has worked well for many.

Please note:

  • There is a credit card price and a discounted price when paying cash/check for the cruise. You may, if you wish, make your deposit and insurance premium payment by credit card and pay the balance by check. If you choose to do this, we will apply the cash discount to your full cost.
  • Transfers are not included unless you are taking our optional air program. If you make your own flight arrangements or book outside of the optional group air, you will be responsible for obtaining your transfer to and from our starting and ending destinations

Terms and Conditions:

Please review the full Terms & Conditions before booking!


Saudi Arabia 2025 | Exodus Route | Dr. Miles Jones

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