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Christian Travel for the Intrepid Berean

Christian Travel for the Intrepid Berean


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The Troubled Church of the Corinthians in Corinth

Ancient Corinth

Discover why the Corinthian church was so troubled, and explore the Biblical location of Corinth in much greater detail on our Footsteps of Paul tours. In Paul’s time, Corinth was an important city in ancient Greece and it played a major role in his missionary work. Corinth was partially destroyed by the Romans in 146 BC, but…

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The importance of Paul in Cyprus and Paphos

It isn’t too late to book a May 2012 bible study tour and Christian cruise with Living Passages. Guests on the May 2012 and October 2012 biblelands trips will get to spend several days in Cyprus.While here, tour Salamis, widely known as the location where Paul and Barnabas landed. In Acts 13:5 it says “When…

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