Jordan and Israel 2025 | Exodus Route | Dr. Miles Jones & Monte Judah

With Dr. Miles Jones & Monte Judah

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March 11-21, 2025

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Tour Leaders:

Dr. Miles Jones & Monte Judah


Israel, Jordan



While Jordan is known by many – visiting Petra, there is MUCH more to discover Biblically, and Living Passages has two of the best teachers to show you! Dr. Miles Jones and Monte Judah will lead this tour into the area of Jordan where the Israelites spent 38 of the 40 years wandering in the desert. Our time near the Red Sea will be action-packed.

We will enter Israel to see the most recent and important Biblical archaeological findings in Israel. This short and concise tour will showcase Shiloh, Shechem, the City of David, the Pool of Siloam, Jericho, Machpelah – where Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are buried, plus many other compelling places including a precious lunch in Bethlehem overlooking the Shepherd’s Fields. If you prefer to stay in Israel longer, we will help make that easy for you.

Our tour price (land only) starts at only $4,699 per person sharing a double (we do match roommates). Airfare is offered at $1,399 round-trip from Dallas, Houston, and Chicago. Don’t delay as prices can increase at any time. Cancel for Any Reason Insurance is ALSO available for this expedition, ask about rates.

To access the detailed day-to-day itinerary and tour details, please request a travel brochure.

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  • Land expedition across Jordan with a focus on the sites of Petra, Basta and the Beidha settlement

  • Israel tour with visits to archaeological sites in Jericho, Shiloh, and Jerusalem

  • 5 Star Resort Stay in Petra Jordan

  • Optional Round-Trip Air from Dallas/Ft. Worth

  • All Meals, Gratuities, and Tour Fees

  • Pre-trip Materials

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Landcruisers in Saudi Arabia Desert CC
  • March 11-21, 2025
  • Detailed Itinerary by Request Only
  • Please request a brochure in order to access the full day-to-day itinerary and tour details.

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monte judah

Monte Judah

Norman, OK

On March 15th of 1995, Monte Judah established Lion and Lamb Ministries as a non-profit religious education ministry, first publishing a monthly newsletter called Yavoh Messianic Magazine and offering his recipe for “anointing oil.” For nearly a year, he wrote the monthly newsletter and helped establish a local Messianic congregation called B’nai Shalom. But then the doors opened wide to speak and teach in many places when he traveled to Israel for the first time. By the summer of 1996, many of his teachings came onto the national scene. The teachings challenged believers to re-examine their eschatology (the study of end times) and the basic instructions of the faith (the Torah). Many of his own Messianic Jewish brethren rejected his theologies and teachings. God used these issues to define the ministry and to refine Monte. As a result, Monte has helped establish many Messianic fellowships and congregations and developed many Messianic teachings on various Scriptural topics. Monte continues to serve as a pioneer in the Messianic community as the Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Lion and Lamb Ministries

dr miles jones

Dr. Miles Jones

Author The Writing of God

Dr. Miles Jones has earned three degrees in languages and linguistics, culminating in a doctorate from The University of Texas at Austin in 1985. He is the author of “The Writing of God”, in which he translated ancient Hebrew inscriptions from Mount Sinai in Midian, Arabia. Their story speaks of events straight from the pages of Exodus. These inscriptions provided physical proof of the location of the real Mount Sinai, and that the “Writing of God” (Ex 32:16) was the original alphabet of letters!

Most recently in March of 2023, Dr. Jones returned from an expedition to Mount Sinai in Arabia to document the evidence of the Exodus found there. On that expedition, he uncovered the archives of the Banu Qurayza, a priestly Hebrew tribe in Arabia, including a book of their history made out of pages of beaten gold.

Dr. Jones has uncovered the earliest Hebrew manuscript of the Gospels – and authenticated their first-century origin! The translation of The Hebrew Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John – reveals a new depth of knowledge of our Hebrew Messiah, Yeshua Ha Mashiach. Heretofore, everything we know about our Hebrew Messiah has come down to us through the Greek filter of a different language, culture, and thought. Sons of Zion reveals a secret power given to the Hebrews upon Mt. Sinai and transferred to some degree to the Greeks. The subsequent history of the transmission of the Word has been the story of the war between the Sons of Zion vs Sons of Greece. The Hebrew Gospels were carefully preserved, and spread, by the original Messianic Church. The Hebrew Gospels and the Messianic Church were targeted for extinction by the Greco-Roman Church of Constantine.

This is the untold story of their miraculous survival!

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