Ancient Israel Discovery on Merneptah Stele

Ancient Israel Discovery May Pre-Date Earliest Mention of Israel at Berlin’s Egyptian Museum

In an article published in the Biblical Archaeology Review, concerning ancient Israel, researchers are making great strides in the area of biblical archaeology and history. It has been assumed that the earliest known mention of Israel was found on the Merneptah Stele, where writing on the pillars explain how the nation of Israel was wiped out. Yet the work of Manfred Gorg, Peter Van Der Veen and Christoffer Theis has led to a new thrilling discovery. Located on a broken statue pedestal is an inscription that these archaeologists believe to be a mention of Israel, dated earlier than the Merneptah Stele. In fact, the hieroglyphics are believed to be created more than 200 years prior to the Mereptah Stele. However, the find doesn’t have every biblical archaeologist toting the new discovery on Ancient Israel. There are many variations in the spelling of Israel that keep the whole industry from fully supporting the new discovery.

The broken statue pedestal is currently located in the Egyptian Museum located on Berlin’s Museum Island. Luckily for you, Living Passages stops at the Museum Island during our Reformation tours. You’ll have time to wander freely through museums, including the Egyptian Museum, where you can view the ancient Israel artifact for yourself.

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