The Bible and Science Collide in Grand Canyon Christian Tours

Was the Grand Canyon really created as the result of a global flood? The debate has been ongoing for a long time, but according to Russ Miller the evidence was never in doubt. From the beginning, the Grand Canyon was proof of a world-wide flood and yet, it has taken the majority of the scientific community to catch up.

Geologists now think Grand Canyon grew in quick spurts from massive flooding…”
– National Geographic

So, why have secular scientific resources like National Geographic been hesitant to admit this? Because admitting that the creation of the Grand Canyon was the result of flooding seems to partially corroborate one of the Bible’s most well-known stories. A story that secular scientists like Bill Nye have publicly ridiculed, the story of Noah’s Flood.

The missing layers are picked up in the Grand Staircase, which includes the soaring cliffs of Bryce and Zion. Bryce forms the top of the Staircase, where the massive erosion event ended, leaving spires and arches in the multi-colored limestones. Zion’s lofty sandstone cliffs and canyons, adorned in pink and red hues, form the middle of the Staircase.” – Russ Miller.

Many evolutionists have tried to lay claim to the scientific evidence of the Grand Canyon, attempting to show how its geological makeup supports an evolutionary view of history. But creation expert Russ Miller reaches out to Christians and non-Christians alike to show them the truth about the geology of the Grand Canyon and the amazing work of God in creation and at long-last, the rest of the scientific community is catching up.

For a long-time scientists believed that Grand Canyon was carved out slowly over millions of years …But new research has turned both theories upside down. Geologists now think that Grand Canyon grew in quick spurts from massive flooding…over 750,000 years. (National Geographic for Kids, March 2005, p. 5).

So, are you ready to see the proof for yourself? Travel to the Southwest to explore the evidence of the flood on our Grand Canyon Christian tours! Or check out our roster of Christian tour itineraries from all over the world.

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