Biblical Artifacts on our Europe Study Tour

Our Bible study tour of Europe includes a visit to Paris’ Louvre. While here we will be able to see the wall coverings of multicolored tiles from the palace of Darius I from Persia. The banquet that was attended by Queen Esther was likely this palace during the reign of Xerxes. We will also see numerous inscriptions of Darius on display. Also while at the Louvre we will see the significant Moabite Stone. The stone was found near the Dead Sea and was set up by Mesha in 850BC. The significance is that the stone mentions David, Omri and his son, Ahab. The museum also has about 350 tablets from El Almarna. The tablets were found in Egypt and were written by the rulers of Lachish, Gezer, Hazor, Megiddo and Shechem – many of which cry out to Pharoah for help from the invading Habiru, otherwise known as the Israelites. In addition to Biblical artifacts, the Louvre is a treasure chest that includes Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, the Venus de Milo, the human headed winged bull from Assyria, Egyptian mummies, papyrus writings and so much more.

Also, unique to our visit to Paris is a walk through the neighborhoods of the Huguenot’s. In 1572 thousands of the Huguenot Protestant Christian’s were massacred in the streets of Paris by the Catholics. Today, the small faith is honored at the World Huguenot Center in the middle of Paris.

Please join Living Passages on a Bible-based study tour. Our hope is to use the artifacts of the Bible not commonly known to increase the faith of our tour participants.