2021 Saudi Arabia Luxury Cruise

Visit the sites of Exodus in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt via a luxury, privately-chartered yacht!

Saudi Arabia 159
Snorkeling in the Red Sea
Exodus cruise ship at sea
  • Sail the seas in luxury accomodations
  • See Exodus come alive as you walk the same places the Isrealites did
  • See sites that were only recently opened to the public
  • Learn from Biblical experts
  • Join other believers in an intimate setting
  • Join in adventure-filled excursions
  • Be the first to take this first-of-its-kind cruise!

Luxury Accommodations

You will sail in a luxury yacht chartered just for your team. Everything will be catered to your group's needs.

Expert Teachers

Biblical experts will travel with your group and offer deeper insight into all that you will see. Gain a deeper understanding of Exodus events.

Visit newly opened sites

Saudi Arabia biblical sites have been closed for decades. But that has changed, and your group will be among the first to visit these places.


“We have been treated like royalty everywhere, Living Passages have taken care of and thought of everything down to the littlest details of our trip. What an amazing and wonderful experience.”

- Wes

“This trip has been life-changing in a lot of ways. To see the cave drawings and know, I’m not looking at a text book. I’m looking at the real thing.”


“It’s nothing like we thought it was going to be. I think going to Mount Sinai and spending time there was a profound thing in our life and I don’t think we were expecting how much it would impact us. -Tom Doyle