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Saudi Arabia's Biblical sites have been closed for decades. But that has changed - be among the first to visit these holy places.

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Why a Living Passages Biblical Archaeology Tour?

The foundational narrative of the Exodus, as outlined in the second book of the Torah of Yahweh, contains some of the most vital and momentous accounts in all the Old Testament. The quest to uncover the archaeological and geological evidence of the Israelites’ liberation from Egypt, Moses’ revelation at Mt. Sinai, and the nation of Israel’s ensuing desert wanderings have captured the hearts and minds of some of history’s most brilliant scholars and explorers. Cartographers, archeologists, scientists, adventurers, historians, and disciples of all backgrounds have sought the genuine locations depicted in ancient manuscripts.

Living Passages has the best team assembled and the most experience in this destination of any other tour operator. Check out our client testimonials and see for yourself. Traveling with Living Passages you are assured we have the permits and authorities to travel to these precious areas of antiquity. Also, see here for the many newspaper articles that have been written about our journeys.

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Israel, Saudi Arabia & Jordan 2024 | Archaeological & Bible Study | Tim Remington & Eli Shukron

August 30 - September 10, 2024
With Pastor Tim Remington & Eli Shukron
Per Person

Saudi Arabia 2024 | Mount Sinai in Arabia Expedition | Joel Richardson

October 9-15, 2024
With Author Joel Richardson
Per Person

Saudi Arabia & Jordan 2025 | Carried on Eagle’s Wing 10 Day Prophecy Tour | Pastor Joe Heard, Cathy Bentley & Ryan Mauro

January 29 - February 6, 2025
With Pastor Joe Heard, Cathy Bentley & Ryan Mauro
Per Person

Saudi Arabia 2025 | Exodus Route | Dr. Miles Jones & Monte Judah

February 28 - March 6, 2025
With Dr. Miles Jones & Monte Judah
Per Person

Saudi Arabia & Jordan 2025 | Mount Sinai in Arabia Expedition | Joel Richardson

February 11-20, 2025
With Joel Richardson
Per Person

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Arabia has ONLY begun to divulge its buried secrets. Most recently it was debated by Patterns of Evidence and many other scholars to have been host to the Most magnificent miracle of all the Exodus. Once there, our visit will include Jabal al-Lawz (Mount Sinai), the Split Rock of Horeb, Elim, the Exodus crossing site both Nuweiba and Tiran Island, the Valley of Moses, Aaron’s Altar to the Golden Calf, and a bitter-sweet final destination at the graveyard of the 3,000 who were slain by the Levites on Mount Sinai plus so much more.

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Our visit to Petra will provide evidence of God’s second miracle of supplying water for the Israelites. The water source would have sent water down the world-famous 1+ meter siq that we will personally walk. You will see and touch the channels that today still run, although dry, along the siq walls. This water flowed from its gushing source at Wadi Must throughout the entire siq. These channels have been abandoned for over a thousand years. The channel and the siq are still known today as The Wadi of Moses. The Quran’s written and ancient tradition also refers to it as Wadi Musa—the Wadi of Moses.

The Bible’s Exodus timeline further evidence that En-mishpat (Petra) is Kadesh. Our Petra expeditions are expanded to include Basta and Beidha so that we can open up the last 38 years before the Hebrews crossed into Israel without Moses and Aaron.

Our Jordan tours also include the burial site of Aaron at Mount Hor, the location of Mount Nebo, gazing upon the Holy Land from the viewpoint of Moses himself, and of course, En-mishpat, which is Kadesh.

And they returned, and came to En-mishpat, which is Kadesh, and smote all the country of the Amalekites, and also the Amorites, that dwelt in Hazezontamar. Genesis 14:7 

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We will travel around this mountain on this expedition, just as the Israelites had to do. Mount Seir – important for the generations of Edomites and of its Biblical importance.


Our jeep expedition will lead us to the departure point of the spies into the Promised Land.

And the children of Israel took their journeys out of the wilderness of Sinai, and the cloud rested in the wilderness of Paran. Numbers 10:12 

And as they sent the spies out: And they went and came to Moses and to Aaron and to all the congregation of the children of Israel unto the wilderness of Paran to Kadesh, and brought back word unto them and unto all the congregation, and showed them the fruit of the land. Numbers 13:26 

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A Few Kind Words About Living Passages' Exodus Cruises & Tours

“We have been treated like royalty everywhere, Living Passages have taken care of and thought of everything down to the littlest details of our trip. What an amazing and wonderful experience.”

- Wes

“This trip has been life-changing in a lot of ways. To see the cave drawings and know, I’m not looking at a text book. I’m looking at the real thing.”


“It’s nothing like we thought it was going to be. I think going to Mount Sinai and spending time there was a profound thing in our life and I don’t think we were expecting how much it would impact us. -Tom Doyle

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