Explore “Patterns of Evidence: Exodus” Documentary on Egypt Tour

Explore sites and evidence which provide proof of the Biblical Exodus and gave agnostic archaeologists reason to believe these events took place in history!

Watching Patterns of Evidence: Exodus, it was thrilling to see some of the documentation of the Exodus exposed via the media.  Over the years, our Egyptian Biblical tours have included the sites that were discussed in the documentary. Theses sites and archaeological evidences have provided physical proof of the Exodus and given agnostic archaeologists reason to believe these events took place in history.

A few of our past blogs that discuss Tim Mahoney’s findings are as follows:

Here are 3 additional archaeological sites we showcase on our tours, but not mentioned in the documentary:

A small sample of our sites are as follows (see additional tours of Egypt details):

  • Study exclusive Biblical artifacts in the Egyptian Museum including the famous Merneptah “Israel” Stele that states “Israel is laid waste, its seed is not.”
  • Visit a small Christian ministry led by a young man from South Carolina that is located in Cairo’s largest cemetery – the City of the Dead as he ministers to many homeless children and widows.
  • See the ancient Hebrew texts from the Israeli Academic Center of Cairo at the 100 year old synagogue.
  • Visit the Giza plateau – its Pyramids and Sphinx and we will highlight the Dream Stele of Amenhotep II/Thutmose IV. After he had a dream that he would be king, his brother (the first born) died in the plagues and his father died in the Red Sea chasing the Israelites.
  • Receive an exciting Bible teaching regarding the significance of the Great Pyramid of Giza.
  • Visit “Joseph tomb” that was excavated in 1987. We will also visit the administrative seat where Joseph lived and administered for Pharaoh. You will see his statues, storehouses and his famous Step Pyramid!
  • On the Red Sea you will see Solomon’s Pillar, where Solomon marked the site with a Hebrew style column, and you can snorkel or scuba to see remains of chariots.
  • Visit to Luxor, Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens and Thebes to see the relief of Amenhotep II in his chariot – a scene most likely from his untimely death chasing the Israelites into the Red Sea.
  • At Thebes we see the Pharaoh Shishak’s inscriptions from his campaign into Israel from 1 Kings 14:25-26.
  • Visit Memphis where the intensity of God’s plagues took place. Visit the site where the 13 century Ipuwer Papyrus was found that outlines those very plagues.

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