Frank Turek On Why the Bible Doesn’t Cover Everything

Speaker and author Frank Turek

From the surface view, the Bible appears to have some pretty major gaps. What about all of the other people groups in the world, such as the Chinese or Indians and the multitude of story lines that played out in other countries? Why doesn’t the Bible explain dinosaurs? Where were the Vikings or the Native Americans over the centuries?

The Bible’s Central Story

If you read closely, there is actually a lot you can parse out about creation. But the account of creation sets the stage for the Bible’s main focus: One bloodline. The entire arch of the Bible centers around a single story: the story of Christ.

As the Frank Turek YouTube video below explains, “The purpose of the Bible is not to tell you everything about everything. It’s not to tell you about every animal or every civilization. It’s to tell you about how to get saved and sanctified.”

“That’s the reason the Bible is written. It’s not written to tell you everything about everything, just the most important thing.”

The Bible is not an encyclopedia or an exhaustive explanation of geology or history. In fact, God often seems to prefer to leave some things a mystery. But it covers the most important thing. It tells the story of the bloodline of Christ, the prophecies surrounding Him, His coming to earth, His dying and Him rising again. It then shifts to prophesying when He will come again. These threads course through Scripture all the wall from the beginning to end.

Check out the below video as Frank Turek discusses this topic on a YouTube video during a Living Passages tour.

What is the Bible really about?

Just as Jesus is to be the center of our lives, He is the center of the biblical account. The Bible tells the greatest story ever told. The most important story ever told. Because without Christ, the Bible’s storyline would not end with the hope and promise we have today because of His death and Resurrection. Our salvation dictates our eternity, so doesn’t it make sense that the Bible would focus on how to get saved? The timeline of this earth is relatively short compared to eternity. It makes sense that God would focus on the big picture in His words to us.

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