Ideal Tour for a First-Time Teaching Pastor?

Perfect for the Teaching Pastor

Many pastors we talk to want to lead a teaching tour. However, they are hesitant to take that first leap, nailing down a date and an itinerary. With so many locations available and Biblically relevant sites to choose from, it can seem overwhelming the first time a teaching pastor schedules a tour.

7 Churches of Revelation Cruise 

7 Churches of Revelation map

We suggest the 7 Churches Of Revelation Cruise. Here is the description:

This Bible Tour and Cruise will allow you to personally and spiritually experience a journey to some of the most important Christian sites in Greece and Turkey. We begin our tour in Athens, Corinth and Cenchrea. Then sail on to Thessaloniki, where John wrote two Epistles and founded the area’s first church. Onto Kavala (Philippi) where Paul preached one of his first sermons in Europe, baptized the first Christian in Europe, and was imprisoned. Next we sail to Istanbul, Turkey with such jewels as the Hagia Sofia. Then onto to Dikili and Kusadasi, which is near to Ephesus, an archeological wonder and one of the best-preserved, most extensive ancient sites in the Mediterranean. Next, the blessed island of Patmos, this is where John wrote the Book of Revelations in a cave on a mountain side grotto. The last stop we visit will be Syros before returning to Athens.

 Sounds exiting! It’s our favorite tour for first-time teaching pastors. Here’s why:

  • These sites provides plenty of Biblical teaching content and many Christians are familiar with these places.
  • A cruise allows you to stay in the same room the entire trip, rather than a lot of bus travel and hotels. This allows you time to spend in your studies before arriving at your next teaching location.
  • A cruise also gives you more one-on-one time with your travelers.
  • These Mediterranean locations offer some of the more beautiful sites compared to other Biblical locations. This helps to creates a large draw for people to join you!
  • This is a larger range of Bible locations compared to a more centralized tour, like the Israel or Reformation tour.

Refresher: What are the 7 churches of Revelation and what does the Bible say about them?