North Idaho Tour Company Explores Jordan: New Possible Tourism Destination

March 16, 2020

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North Idaho Tour Company Explores Jordan for New Possible Tourism Destination
Couer d’Alene, ID – Living Passages, a Christian-based travel company located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho recently returned with a team of experts from the middle east. The team is developing tours in undeveloped areas of the country of Jordan. The goal of the trip is to determine the best sites to visit, to ensure the sites align with key passages in the New and Old Testaments of the Bible. In October 2019, Living Passages lead the first Christian-based Bible tour of Saudi Arabia.

Jordan: New Possible Tourism Destination

With the recent opening of tourism in Saudi Arabia and the planned collaboration of NEOM, a team of experts, in the area of the Biblical chronology of the Exodus journey, is just finishing from a survey of the key sites of this large people movement that was located in Saudi Arabia and Jordan. The team consisted of Rhonda Sand, founder of Living Passages, who specializes in Patriarchal destinations; Sarah Heidt, Ph.D. of Biblical Studies, Yale University; Todd Eaton who has a background in Proto Hebraic inscription translations; and desert mobile camp strategist, Ahmed Talal of Jordan, of the Wadi Rum Guest House, and multiple camps in the protected area of Wadi Rum. “The guest house maintains many of the trekking and climbing lists for Wadi Rum and the region that we researched, said Talal.”

“This research was necessary in order to open up the burgeoning religious marketplace that would like to combine Saudi Arabia with Jordan and Israeli tourism,” said Rhonda Sand.

Jordan Pre Tours:

Using the books of Exodus and Numbers, Living Passages has created a Biblical itinerary that covers the time of the Exodus, from Egypt to Israel, that visits the campsites of the Israelites in Saudi Arabia and Jordan, coupled with a number of cities of antiquity that underwent destruction during their Exodus into Israel. The cities that the extension tours visit with the best-exhibited remains of the mass people movement include Areor, Heshbon, Jelul and Jehaz. The tour visits both Edom and Moab and spends an overnight at Mount Paran (also called Jabal Um Adami) on the border of Saudi Arabia and Jordan in the new domain area of the world-class development project called NEOM.

The new tour utilizes 5-star camps with luxury accommodations, food, and transportation in an eco-central pristine desert location. Wadi Rum expert and mobile camp strategist Um al Rabi stated, “We spent two days in the desert locations attributed to the ancient Book of Numbers and are very pleased with the historical aspect of our chosen location. The location is a World Heritage Site and in a protected nature reserve. The vistas and inscriptions of antiquity in the area will add to the overall experience of the groups that Living Passages targets within their Biblically inclined clientele.”

The focus on their search went beyond a luxury tent site, to the authentic campsites as outlined in Numbers chapter 33, Heidt said. “Heidt and Eaton live within the boundaries of the Exodus movements between Saudi Arabia and Jordan and are a rare source of Biblical, Thamudic and Hebraic understanding,” said Rhonda Sand, founder of Living Passages.

About Living Passages
Living Passages is a Christian tour and cruise company located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Living Passages specializes in travel that explores non-traditional authentic Biblical locations around the world. Each tour is led by world-renowned scholars and acclaimed authors. Owner Rhonda Sand has been offering unique travel experiences for over 25 years. Saudi Arabia is the latest location addition to Living Passages’ international destinations.

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