Beth Baal Peor  

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From Ancient Idolatry to Contemporary Treasure Hunts  Beth Baal Peor: Unearthing a Biblical Enigma   Beth Baal Peor stands as a testament to the tumultuous spiritual journey of the ancient Israelites. Near Mount Nebo in present-day Jordan, this ancient locale is historically associated with Baal worship.  The biblical narrative, particularly in the book of Numbers chapter…

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Deciphering History in Stone 

tommy colie pam laurion saudi exodus

What Do Tabuk’s Ancient Petroglyphs Reveal?  The rugged landscapes of the Tabuk region of northwest Saudi Arabia are more than just a stretch of barren land. They are a canvas bearing the imprints of ancient civilizations that once thrived here, intertwined with events straight from the Biblical era. Our exploration into this region has uncovered…

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Sinai in Arabia: Unveiling the Giants of Amalek? 

Teaching at Mount Sinai in Arabia

A Journey into Arabia’s Forgotten Biblical Past  Joel Richardson’s profound understanding of Saudi Arabia’s Biblical relevance and its archaeological treasures brought fresh perspectives to light when he took eleven of our interested expeditioners on a special visit to a site he had previously discovered. It is located on the side of Jabal Maqla within reach…

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Documentation of Midian – How do we know Moses was Here?

Inscription Teachings Near Amalakite Lands

By Jennifer Bartlett Midian (Madian in Arabic) is mentioned in the Bible over 60 times and in the Quran at least ten times. Known to many as the land where Moses fled from Egypt in Exodus 2:15-22, Midian/Madian was home to the priest Jethro, who is also called Reuel and is known by locals as…

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The Great Secret – God Gave us the Alphabet at Mount Sinai

Died daughter of Hagar

It is written on the rocks at Mount Sinai in Arabia.  It is explained quite clearly in Scripture.  The tablets were “the work of God and the writing was the writing of God.”  You shall teach your children to read and to write and to do numbers.  The “writing of God” is not only at…

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The Cartouche of Rameses III in the Saudi Arabian Desert

woman with saudi arabia stone inscriptions

By Pamela Laurion Venturing deep in the Hisma Desert of Saudi Arabia along with a trusty 4-wheeled drive and a good guide one will find an ancient Egyptian military-style camp surrounded by large boulders and rocky mounds. The rocks surrounding the camp are littered with petroglyphs and ancient Thamudic and Sabean inscriptions. Our Bible study tour…

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