Rare Elephant Encounter

Most people only dream about it

Most people only dream about the experience our African Family Safari and Creation Tour provides. Not only do families learn Christian values through the creation studies we lead, they also experience wildlife like never before. Like an elephant encounter!

Better than a photograph

What would be more exciting than snapping a photo of a stunning African elephant in its natural habitat?  How about an up-close elephant encounter with five of these remarkable creatures? You will not only have the chance to photograph them, but a chance to pet, feed, and learn about what makes them so amazing!

One in a lifetime experience

Our travelers will visit an elephant reserve that is dedicated to raising awareness for elephant preservation.  The reserve is home to five special elephants whose names are Mussina, Shan, Nuanedi, Chova, and Chishuru. These intelligent, gentle giants were rescued and trained specifically for the purpose of conservation and education. Because they are used to mingling with humans, this interaction creates a once in a lifetime opportunity: to touch and play with an African elephant. This hands-on time helps to create a love for these incredible, endangered animals.

The African Family Safari and Creation Tour vacation package includes many more interactive safaris and experiences in South Africa, including a walk with the lions! This adventure package is exciting and space is limited, so make your reservations now.

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